men’s fashion trends in 2020

Men’s Fashion Trends in 2020 – 25 Outfit Ideas to Try Right Now

It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends in men’s fashion — especially if you’re unsure of what your individual style actually is.
In this photo collection, we present you with some of the trendiest outfit choices that have been making waves on the men’s fashion circuit so that you can make your wardrobe feel more like you.

1. Light Jeans

If you’re not a regular denim wearer, it might feel more comfortable to reach for a dark wash or even a pair of black jeans. However, it’s becoming more and more popular for men to opt for a lighter wash.

2. 90s Jackets

We’ve mentioned before about how retro is in, and the boxy 90s casual jacket is one of our favorite styles that is seeing a comeback.
It used to be that the only place to pick up a wardrobe piece like this was at the thrift store, but because fashion brands have finally caught on that there is a market for this kind of vintage-inspired wear, you can now find it in your favorite chain store as well.

3. Tie Dye Shirts

A tie dye shirt may seem like an odd choice if you’re not at summer camp, but a splash of fun color can actually make for a fun twist on regular street wear.

4. Brown Shirts & Suits

Brown is an underrated color — or is it more like a shade? The truth is that nearly all men look good in brown, whether it be a button-up shirt or an elegant suit.

5. Vertical Stripes

A vertical stripe is a great option for men who are tired of sporting the same button-up shirt again and again. Button-ups are an easy and appropriate choice for most office jobs, but solid colors can admittedly feel a bit boring after a while, and patterns aren’t for everyone. A striped button-up can be worn completely buttoned-up or opened with a t-shirt underneath it.

6. Plaid

Will plaid ever go out of style? We think not. Even if you don’t consider yourself a country kind of guy — or even a grunge kind of guy — it doesn’t mean that you should discount the power of plaid.

7. Utility Wear

Function meets fashion! Utility wear is a great way to incorporate some practicality into your wardrobe, with its large pockets and multiple components. This is a contemporary spin on cargo pants and army wear, just for people who want easy access to their keys and wallet.

8. Pastels

It doesn’t have to be springtime for us to appreciate the look of a nice pastel. In fact, it’s on the drab days that the look of a soft wardrobe piece is especially appreciated. This is a great choice for the men who find the navy and evergreen shades that are pervasive in men’s clothing oppressive, and want to lighten up their look a bit.

9. Thick-Soled Shoes

We’re not the first ones to tell you that the shoe can make the wardrobe. Thick soles not only add a metaphorical boost to your outfit’s style, but they also add a literal boost to your height — just in case that is something that you’re after.

10. Denim Button-Ups

If you don’t have one of these in your wardrobe, you’re missing out on an instant outfit-maker. Denim button-ups work as fashion in almost all occasions, from the office, to the bar, to the baseball game.

11. Ribbed Jackets

Oftentimes outerwear can be left out of the style conversation, as they can be thought of more of a utility and less of a style piece. However, we didn’t forget about all of our readers who live in a cooler climate. Our recommendation is to try out a different style of light jacket, such as this unique ribbed style. It’s sporty yet sophisticated.

12. Billowy Shirts

You don’t need to be Harry Styles to pull off this particular look (although it sure helps). Any man who is looking to dip a toe on the fancy side of life couldn’t do better than to throw on a loose billowy top.

13. Alpine Inspired

Straight from the mountains of Europe comes a fashion trend that, while it might seem bizarre at first, is very appealing in its own way. A more unique take on your average sportswear, these alpine-inspired outfits actually made a splash on the runways of Paris this past fashion season.

14. Bright Pink/Fuchsia

If you’re like us and unafraid of a little bit of pink, we suggest that you take your dedication to color to the next level. The best thing about this bold color is that it looks great as a suit, as a jacket, or simply as a button-up.

15. Army Pattern

If hot pink shades aren’t your thing, maybe an army pattern will better appeal to your senses? We touched on it a bit when talking about utility-style clothing, but this classic military pattern is great for men who want to stand out by blending it (through camouflage, of course).

16. All White

An all-white outfit is a great outfit indeed — just be careful while you’re eating! This style may be simple, but what it lacks in complicity it makes up for in classiness.

17. Cardigans

You don’t need to work as a lawyer or a teacher to appreciate the power of a good old-fashioned cardigan (though, all the more power to you if you do).

18. Florals

We love how the male fashion trends of today allow room for a little bit of femininity. Floral patterns are a timeless way to add a splash of pattern to your outfit, and look great when paired with a block of solids or two.

19. Lazy Knit

For the days that you want to look put-together without the associated time commitment, we offer you the lazy knit sweater solution. When worn with a great pair of jeans or slacks, this sweater quickly dresses any outfit up, not to mention it adds an extra element of coziness to your day.

20. Oversized Cardigans

A longtime staple of women’s wardrobes, we could not be more thrilled that the long, oversized cardigan has finally made its way to the men’s department. This particular style pairs great with skinny jeans and a french tuck.

21. Graphic Tees

As great as high fashion is, there is something wonderful about being able to find your next favorite trend within the racks of a secondhand store. This trend makes use of the vintage graphic tee, placing it over a solid color long sleeve to create a layered look.

22. Loose Rolled-Up Pants

Sometimes, khakis and jeans just aren’t enough. For those who are looking to add a completely different kind of bottoms to their arsenal, we offer the loose rolled-up pants look — we especially love it in gray!

23. Royal Blue Suits

No longer reserved only for your best friend’s wedding party, blue suits are now a respectable piece of formal wear. This really hits the mark when paired with a gray or blush tie.

24. Tight Vests

Ah, vests — for days that are too formal to throw on a sweater for, but that don’t quite call for a full-on suit. Tight vests are a perfect choice for anyone stuck between dressy and casual, or for anyone who appreciates a good vintage look that harkens back to a simpler time.

25. Sweaters with Collars

Layering not only looks great, but it is also functional when you are dealing with temperature fluctuations. Pulling a sweater over your collared top works well with a pair of skinny jeans and oxfords.

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