Manscaping Grooming Guide For Men

Men’s Grooming Guide For Manscaping

Ah, ‘manscaping’. The ultimate bro-word to define the taboo art of maintaining your body hair. The truth of the matter is that manscaping isn’t as taboo Men's Manscaping and foreign of an idea as some may think. Instead, upkeep of body hair is important, especially for any man who wants to present himself in an attractive way to women.

And any guy who doesn’t think this is true, is probably sitting home running his own hand through his own insurmountable amount of chest hair. Manscaping can lead to multiple benefits for a man.

More than just being desirable for women, less body hair can lead to more self-confidence when at the beach, the gym or even when just around friends. If you are uncertain with what to manscape, or how to ‘scape it, you’re in luck.

Here’s some insight on how to keep yourself groomed and maintained, without going overboard or getting a wicked case of razor burn.

What To Groom And How To Manscape

1. Eyebrows

Unless you are Anthony Davis of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, having a unibrow is not a good look. Then again, I guess if you’re a 20-something millionaire you can probably get away with anything. However, if you’re not, you’ll need to make sure you pay attention to your eyebrows. Your eyebrows say a lot about your general upkeep and how you express yourself. A unibrow can make it look like you are consistently mad or angry, even when you are trying to smile. And even if you don’t have a full-blown uni, you can still tweeze your eyebrows for general upkeep and maintenance of your face.

To keep up with your eyebrows, you can use simple tweezers to pluck away at loose hairs. The best way to do this is to start in the middle of your eyebrows and work your way outwards. This allows you to shape and form your eyebrows in a way that looks neat, yet still manly and natural. The best key to this is to not go to far in past the inlet of your eye; and understand that your eyebrows won’t be completely symmetrical, but should instead just be relatively close to being even. Another key to cleaning up your eyebrows is to clean up the stray hairs that are above your eyelid and above the body of the eyebrow, as well as any others that are around your temple region of your head.

Another option for your eyebrows is a technique called threading. This process consists of someone using a thin string (it looks similar to dental floss) and rolling it across body parts. It may seem quite weird, but the string actually picks up loose hairs and pulls them from the root. If you’re embarrassed by going into a nail salon or another place that does threading, don’t be. The ladies working there will think its great you have courage to keep up with your appearance, and they’ll probably tell all their hot friends about you.

Oh yeah, and whatever you do, do not shave your eyebrows. Its too big of a piece of equipment to really get in the tight spots around your eyes.

2. Chest

Chest hair can be hit and miss with what’s considered an attractive amount of hair. Some ladies love the look of a masculine chest like Hugh Jackman or George Clooney. But if it looks like your still wearing a sweater after you take your shirt off, that’s probably not a good look.

The best way to go about keeping up with your chest hair is to keep it trimmed and maintained neatly. You don’t necessarily have to shave it to the skin, but also don’t let it go too long without trimming it and keeping it look taken care of.

3. Back

Its quite ironic that while a bit of chest hair looks manly and tough, a bit of back hair looks barbaric and almost heinous. And the worst part is that the back is nearly impossible to maintain on your own. Luckily, there are companies out there who are looking out for men with back hair, making it easier than ever to keep up shaving. The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Plus is the perfect electric razor for your entire body, but certainly great for your back.

What looks like a neat and simple electric razor, has an extension kit that allows you to reach all cracks and crevices in your body that would otherwise be impossible to reach. And if you simply have loose strands of hair on your shoulders, you can ask the ladies at the nail salon to thread these off for you.

4. Armpits

As a kid, one of your greatest achievements may have been the day you went to stretch or yawn in front of the mirror and saw a few strands of hair under your armpits. While girls probably loved that in middle school, if you fail to keep up with your armpit hair, it’ll be way out of hand by now. Not many men consider trimming their armpit hair, but it is actually quite necessary.

After all, deodorant is meant to be applied to skin (not hair) to keep you from sweating. And if you just have a ton of hair under your pits, you may notice your deodorant isn’t working as well. Keep your armpit hair trimmed with a shaver like the Bodygroom Plus and maintained just enough to show you have it, but that it’s not poking out all sides of your arms.

5. Arms and Legs

Arm and leg hair is pretty acceptable as a man. While some women may be turned off by overly bearing chest or back hair, you probably wont meet too many women who will be freaked out because you have hairy arms or legs. As a matter of a fact, some women like running their fingers through arm hair while being held after a passionate time together.

The best tip with arm and leg hair is to use that Norelco Bodygroom Plus to keep things maintained, but never shave it to the skin, unless you are a swimmer or bodybuilder.

6. Man Parts

If you were excited when you saw your armpits begin to sprout hair, you were probably double stoked when you saw hair growing in your manly regions. However, much like your pits, more is not always better. The best way to maintain your groin area is to do so an electric shaver like the Bodygroom. Keep it maintained, organized and looking enticing so that women will be interested. If you have a partner who wants it a certain way, than consider her wishes. But keeping it trimmed will allow you to appeal to a broader scope of potential companions.

And whatever you do, do not use a razor on your groin area without being committed to a grooming regimen first. If you don’t maintain the area well, this can result in razor burn that will look very unappealing and feel very uncomfortable. And no matter how much you maintain your body hair, it wont matter if your sitting at the bar scratching yourself like a madman because your razor burn hurts.

7. The Face

The face is another option that is left up to you. For much of history, beards have symbolized and been recognized as a manly and acceptable form of grooming. However, in the1960’s, shaving became quite popular, as you can see in shows like Mad Men. But as times are changing, beards are back in and having a bit of scruff is certainly acceptable.

If you shave, be sure to use a quality shaving cream like Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather. And if you only trim with an electric, just make sure you do so regularly enough to keep it looking maintained and not like you just got done chopping trees in the forest.

Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

Other options for hair removal and upkeep include waxing and laser hair removal. These are both viable options that will leave you with longer lasting results than just shaving. Waxing often lasts a few weeks and laser hair removal can be nearly permanent. If you are going to go the waxing route, consider asking the ladies at the nail salon if you go to get your eyebrows or back thread.

They will certainly be able to wax body parts for you. Laser hair removal will require a consultation with a specialist and will cost a chunk of change. But if you are looking for the ultimate upkeep with hair removal, it’s a great way to go.

Manscaping To Keep It Clean

Chances are you shouldn’t be spending as much time shaving your body as the women in your life. Fact is, social standards have made it to where women are considered more attractive with less hair, while it’s okay for men to let it grow a bit. However, letting it grow doesn’t mean letting it get out of hand.

Real men keep up with their body hair and how it looks and is presented. Follow the men’s manscaping tips on this list and you’ll be looking fresh and clean, as well as more attractive to women.

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