Money Rose Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 81 Money Rose Tattoo Ideas -[2020 Inspiration Guide]

All men have the opportunity to get in touch with their decadent destiny via money rose tattoos. These financial flowers carry highly esteemed connotations; plus, they just look fantastic!

Money rose tattoos will allow you to embark on a journey towards actualization.

These designs ingeniously fuse Eastern origami with Western concepts of wealth and beauty. A lot of complexity is enshrined in the intricate folds, and the currency itself requires ample attention to recreate paper textures.

Thus, the money rose is sincerely a selection for only the finest of tattoo aficionados.

The flower also carries suggestive connotations for female anatomy, so guys can express their affinity for the fairer sex with one of these designs as well. The fact that it is made of money simply reflects a desire for sensuality to be merged with affluence.

Money rose ink takes a formerly feminine symbol, and it finds a way to make it astutely masculine. This is definitely a dream come true for guys who have a fondness for nature, but have been afraid of dabbling in it due to concerns about gender. Remember, nothing is more manly than the enjoyment of money and babes.

The money rose tattoos we’ve collected on this page will show exactly what we mean!

1. Hand Money Rose Tattoo 

If you know money like the back of your hand, place your piece accordingly with a money rose hand tattoo. The circular space of the back of your hand makes for a great place for your flower to grown and bloom. For an especially intricate design choice, talk to your artist about tattooing your palm and fingers so that you can make your money rose open and close at your whim.  

2. Elbow Money Rose Tattoos 

Tuck your money rose in a bodily nook with an elbow money rose tattoo. The concave curvature of the elbow makes for a perfect little pocket to ruck your money rose for a rainy day. Or if you want to show off your money rose as an armor for all to see, incorporate the convex nature of the outer elbow into the spiraling inside of the money rose.  

This position on the body is incredibly versatile, but make sure to discuss with your artist, since the skin around the elbow is not very taut and you want your money rose to look great even when you’re relaxed.   

3. Forearm Money Rose Tattoos 

Wear your love on your sleeve with a forearm money rose tattoo. The forearm provides ample space whether you want a small or medium money rose, or one that sprawls across the length of your arm. Use grayscale and dotwork to give your money rose depth. Incorporate negative space and add dimension to your piece. Use alternating linework widths to incorporate every bend and every crinkle of the bill to life.  

4. Money Rose Sleeve Tattoos 

Bring together all your favorite symbols with a money rose sleeve. Build a scene that hands upon the word of every petal. Mix in your favorite characters because what ties people together more than money. Incorporate a religious motif as another amalgamation of the abstract and the concrete.  

Start from the back of your neck and work your way down for an all-encompassing money rose. Whether you think money is a tool, time is money, or that the real measure of wealth is its lack, one money rose can be the start of an entire garden from the tip of shoulder to the ends of your fingers. 

5. Skeletal Money Rose Tattoos 

Acknowledge the dark side of wealth with a skeletal money rose tattoo. Money isn’t all roses and flowers so bring the demons out to play as well. Place a skull next to your money rose to designate the life cycle of materialism and decay. Or take a historical figure with an irresistible connection to money and give them a spooky feel.  

6. Time and Money Rose Tattoos 

If you don’t know whether time is more valuable than money, pick both with a time and money rose tattoo. Position an hourglass next to your money rose or pop open a pocket watch frozen in time and visual representation. The aesthetic of each brings out the other whether you use a realistic, illustrative, or traditional style.  

7. Leg Money Rose Tattoos 

There’s nowhere a money rose can’t fit so let it lead your way with a leg money rose tattoo. Like the elbow and forearm, the leg and knee provide a variety of positioning options in a way that takes advantage of the natural musculature of the body. Grow the money rose from the tip of your knee. Let it blossom from your ankle and bloom its way up your thigh. With plenty of space, let your money rose flourish. 

8. Floral Money Rose Tattoos 

If you’re particularly beholden to the flora of the piece, indulge with a floral money rose tattoo. Incorporate the bold colors typical of traditional floral tattoos with the foundational idea of a money rose. Bring out the stem and thorns of your money rose or sprinkle the surrounding skin with a myriad of different flowers.  

9. Abstract Money Rose Tattoos 

Fold the bills of reality with an abstract money rose tattoo. Leave your bills blank as a symbolic representation of the emptiness of wealth. Use linework to give your petals stricter corners and more jarring twists and turns. It’s easy to fold a $100 bill into a rose so take some time to think of the most unique interpretation of the timeless design! 

10. Eye and Money Rose Tattoos 

Keep a watchful presence with an eye and money rose tattoo. Faces pair well with money roses but even a single eye gives off an irresistible charm. Think about a harlequin or clownish face to embellish the true clownish nature of money. Have the money roe held between teeth. No matter what, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off it.

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