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Top 53 Mind-blowing Money Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Work hard, get paid. When it comes to stacking cash some call these the piles of bills the root of all evil, others claim there merely fun coupons.

With money comes the power to buy any material comforts in the world.

From suits to yachts; if you want it you’ll need to spend a pretty penny on it..

However, finance talk aside, bank notes can symbolize more than just status, greed and power.

For instance, currency artwork can represent good health. Sure, you can’t buy an eternal life but you can prolong death with it. In another light, money can be a symbol of hard work, passionate hustle and dedication to business. Not to mention with it comes the virtue of responsibility, otherwise you’ll go broke.

For others, it’s value lies in freedom. The design acts as a constant reminder to stay organized and focused on the end. In other words, strive for a better quality of life but understand you must be patient before receiving your reward.

If riches and wealth are your mind, take a look at these top 50 best money tattoos for men. You’ll discover a wealth of masculine design ideas from bills to coins. Not to mention, I’ve also included cool $100 artwork and Benjamin Franklin portraits that are sure to inspire just about any man.

1. Monopoly Man Money Tattoos

Upper Arm And Shoulder Money Tattoo Ideas For Men

Money Bag Monopoly Man Tattoo For MEn

Money Is The Root Of All Evil Tattoo For Men

Tattoos Of Money For Men Featuring Monopoly Man

What better way to immortalize an iconic board game then to have it inked on your skin? The Monopoly Man, originally known as Uncle Pennybags, is a symbol all over the world as the contented, happy-go-lucky, rich elderly man.

The board game itself either brings families together or breaks them apart—we can all agree on that. The following pieces display the dimensions of the character interpretation of the Monopoly Man, sometimes showing the expression as the emblem of innocence, while other pieces emphasize a sneaky sly grin, implying more malevolent tropes and themes surrounding the concept of wealth.  

2. Fathers of Cash: Portrait Realism

Masculine Men's Money Talks Tattoo One Hundred Dollar Bill

Money Tattoo For Men

Benjamin Franklin Tattoo Money For Men

Men's Money Tree Tattoo

Manly Dollar Bill Money Tattoo On Forearm

Sleeve Money Sign Tattoo For Men

Sometimes life can feel like its all about the Benjamin’s, which can either be viewed in a positively or negatively valenced light. The faces that adorn the currency notes of the American economy have been transformed in the following pieces of skin art, with some styles relying on heavy shading, photorealism, and even a reference to the Ben Affleck directed bank-robbing film The Town.

Why a person would want a perpetually lasting image of dead men who represent wealth on their bodies is probably more personal than generalized—or even a blatant admission of greed and the willingness to bow to its compelling nature.  

3. Thriving in Power: Life Money Tattoos

Male Money Tattoo Sleeve Of Dollar Sign

Shoulder Money Rose Tattoos For Guys

Bicep Male Money Rose Flower Tattoo

Chest Money Fist Tattoos For Men

Coins Men's Money Tattoos On Hands

Forearm Men's Money Bag Tattoo Designs

Men's Money Tattoo Design On Hand In Rose Shape

Men's Cash Money Tattoos Symbol

Men's Money Tattoos Designs With Rose

Money Dog Tattoo Designs

Money Sign Tattoos For Men

Wealth and the attainment of it are often associated with feelings of great power. Power can then be associated with more monovalent elements, such as evil and generally negative motivations. But power can also be associated with themes that connate life—thriving, flourishing, and confident exuberance.

Many of these pieces exemplify these positive notions; currency notes folded gently like origami into shapes or roses, bold imagery of currency residing in nature, a confident and defiant fist held high while clutching some hard-earned cash. Most of these pieces lack colour, but their intense detail and photorealism relay the lush vibrancy of nature and the many symbolic energies that come with it. Sometimes money reminds people of how hard they have worked to get where they are in life, or immortalizes the time when attainment of basic income was an uphill battle—one in which they managed to conquer.  

4. Sinister Wealth: Death  & Money Tattoos

Money Bag Tattoo For Men

Men's Money Rose Tattoos On Chest

Money Hourglass Tattoos For Guys

Root Of All Evil Men's Money Tattoos On Upper Arm

Men's Money Sleeve Tattoos

Male Money Half Sleeve Tattoos

Male Money Roll Tattoo Sleeve

Skull Money Tattoo Designs For Men

There are a plethora of reasons why a reason would want to eternally remind themselves about the sinister associations that come with gaining and attaining wealth. Many of these pieces display the darker side of the money hunt, one in which requires questioning of morals, greed, and even a meditation upon the concept of inevitable death. Many of these pieces blend currency imagery with skulls, an hourglass alluding to the colloquialism ‘time is money,’ and notions of behaviour committed in the name of a financially comfortable life.

They apply several tattooing styles, such as Gothic with the heavy shading on the skulls, and even portrait realism with a visual reference to Al Capone. The wealth we gain over our lifespans cannot go with us into the grave, so perhaps some of these pieces are making a good point about being mindful when considering what is eternal, and what is not.

5. Living for the Tangible: Bills and Coins  

Hand Tattoos Money For Men With Coins

Man With Tattoo Of Money On Hand

Men's Get Money Tattoos On Upper Arm

Men's Money Number Tattoo Sleeve

Men's Money Roses Tattoo

Men's Money Stacks Tattoo

Money On My Mind Tattoo Men On Back Of Bicep

Money Power Respect Tattoos Men On Hands

Money Sign Tattoo Designs For Men Sleeves

Money Tattoos For Men On Head

Money Tattoos Ideas For Men Rubber Band Stack

Treasure Chest Coins Money Power Respect Tattoo For Men

Some tattoos exist for the mere aesthetic pleasure of them—not everyone requires a deep-seated meaning behind what is inked on their skin. Coins, bills, the dollar sign, and buried treasure adorn these individual’s bodies as a reminder of the sheer beauty and unique designs that have existed over centuries of currency exchange. Larger pieces of dollar signs are thick, Gothic-looking styles with heavy shading and old-fashion text work. Intensely detailed folded bills are stunning examples of photorealism. Perhaps these individuals respect the value of money, what it can do for us in our lives and the lives of the ones we love.  

Money Tattoo FAQ 

What is the meaning of the Monopoly man tattoo? 

The Monopoly man, aka Rich Uncle Pennybags, has been a symbol of wealth since the invention of the popular board game in 1936. What he represents, in general, tends to vary; on one hand, he can be seen as the innocent, thriving, neutral face of the board game. On the other hand, his motives can be seen as much more sinister, acting as the cold hand of the law or government reaching out for payment or the ever-growing appeal of greed. What he means tattoo wise is solely dependent upon the design of the tattoo itself, the character’s expression, and the intention of the individual being tattooed.  

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