Moon Tattoos For Men

90 Moon Tattoos For Men – Ship Of Light On The Sea Of Night

It’s been called the “ship of light on the sea of night”. One look upwards into sky at night and you’ll spot the moon smiling right on back.

While it might be incredibly distant from our home here on Earth, the moon’s phases play an important role in the rise and fall of the ocean tides. Not to mention, for awhile many believed even wolves gravitated towards the full moon to howl, however this has been proven by science to be more of a myth than a mystery.

With science leading the way and unlocking new clues about the 4.53 billion year old natural satellite, it’s no surprise man landed the Apollo 11 back in 1969. Within time we came to discover that even things like a ten foot dunk on earth was more like a 58.9 foot dunk on the moon!

Explorations aside, the moon has held significant meaning among a wide array of cultures and generations. Sure, it’s often associated with more feminine things, however the moon can be quite masculine in meaning too.

For instance, this tattoo design takes on a male gender among particular Japanese, Maori, African and Native American tribes. In Maori, it’s known as the husband of all women, the father God. Consider that its significance often stems from its importance while hunting at night.

The Buddhist view it as a symbol of beauty, peace and serenity. Every time a new moon gleams down from the sky it offers a period of time where spiritual power is at its strongest. In early Alchemical, it takes on a similar idea to that of silver. It’s cleansing, purifying and reflective, yet still just as strong as it is supple.

With that said, grab your space helmet and suit and get ready to explore the top X best moon tattoos for men. From the phases to cool crescent moon designs, you’ll be illuminated with ideas.


3d Realistic Hook And Moon Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

3d Realistic Outer Space Helmet Moon Tattoo Design For Men On Arm

Airplane Flying With Yin Yang Moon Tattoo Design On Mans Chest

All Seeing Eye Mens Moon Tattoos On Forearm

Arm Crescent Moon Tattoos For Men

Astronaut Space Helmet Moon Reflection Tattoo On Bicep For Guys

Astronaut With Moon Ballon Tattoo Design On Arm For Guys

Back Of Forearm Moon Sheen Tattoo For Gentlemen

Back Of Leg Calf Moon And Star Tattoos For Men

Back Of Shoulder Mens Black Ink Moon And Mountains Tattoos

Bat With Moon Tattoo And Words Good Night On Mans Leg

Bicep Moon And Star Tattoo For Men

Black Moon And Mountains Mens Small Forearm Tattoo

Black Moon Tattoos For Men With Tree Design

Chest Moon Phase Tattoos For Males

Color Full Rib Cage Side Space Moon Tatoos For Men

Cool Moon And Tree Mens Tattoos On Thigh

Creative Devil Moon Guys Tattoo Design

Forearm Mens Moon Phases Tattoo

Full Sleeve Moon Lake Tattoo Design For Males

Full Sleeve Moon Themed Male Tattoos

Full Sleeve Wolf Moon Tattoos For Men

Geometric Astronaut Moon Tattoo For Men On Leg Calf

Glowing Wolf And Orange Moon Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Dark Side Of The Moon Tattoo With Blue Ink On Leg Calf

Guys Moon Face Tattoo With Smoking Pipe Design On Arm

Guys Sleeve City Moon Tattoo Designs

Guys Small Moon Tattoo On Chest

Guys Star And Moon Tattoo Sleeve Design

Guys Stomach Moon Phase Tattoo Design

Guys Tribal Moon Tattoos On Arm

Half Moon Tattoo For Men On Legs

Half Sleeve Guys New Moon Tattoo

Half Sleeve Moon Tattoo Ideas For Men

Half Sleeve Wolf And Moon Tattoo For Guys

Hand Pulling Moon By A String Tattoo For Males On Forearm

Hand With Half Moon Design Tattoo On Rib Cage Side For Guys

Inner Forearm Bear Forest Moon Tattoo On Man

Inner Forearm Black Ink Guys Moon Tattoo Inspiration

Japanese Mens Crescent Moon Tattoo On Bicep

Japanese Moon Tattoos For Men On Shoulder

Lower Leg Sleeve Full Moon Tattoo For Men

Make It To The Moon Mens Thigh Tattoo Dot Work Design

Male Full Moon Tattoos On Shoulder

Male Wolf Howling At Moon Tattoo On Upper Arm

Manly Mens Tattoos Of Moons On Upper Arm

Manly Moon Tattoo Designs For Men On Arm

Man With Black Ink Moon And Sun Tattoo On Thigh

Masculine Forearm Mens Sun Moon Tattoo

Mens Moon And Stars Tattoo On Shoulder

Mens Moon And Sun Tattoo On Back Of Shoulder

Mens Moon Elbow Tattoo Design

Mens Phases Of The Moon Tattoo On Back Of Leg

Mens Sleeve Tattoo Of Sailing Ship With Moon And Clouds On Upper Arm

Mens Sun And Moon Tattoo On Chest

Mens Sun And Moon Tattoos Full Sleeve With Color Ink

Mens Wrist Moon Tattoo With Black Trees

Midnight Moon Tattoo For Men With Glowing Color Ink

Moon And Mountains Mens Hand Tattoos

Moon And Sun Mens Foot Tattoos

Night Moon With Trees Mens Upper Arm Tattoo In Black Ink

Ocean Wave Bicep Mens Moon Tattoo

Realistic Moon Tattoo On Wrist

Realistic Sailing Ship Moon Tattoo With Lighthouse On Upper Arm

Sailing Ship With Blue Moon Background Tattoo On Leg Calf For Men

Shoulder Line Work Mens Moon Phase Tattoo

Simple Cool Moon Tattoos For Males On Arm

Small Guys Sailing Ship Moon Tattoo

Small Mens Old School Half Moon Tattoo Design On Bicep

Small Moon Tattoos For Men On Upper Chest

Small Sailing Ship Moon Tattoo Design On Back For Guys

Small Simple Detailed Mens Moon Tattoo

Small Simple Forest Moon Mens Tattoo

Star And Moon Tattoos For Guys On Back

Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs For Men On Forearms

Tattoo Moon On Man On Back

To The Moon And Back Tattoo For Men On Forearm

Upper Arm Mens Moon Tattoos With Face Design

Upper Arm Sailing Ship Mens Moon Tattoos

Upper Arm Wolf And Moon Tattoo For Guys

Whale With Moon And Man Surfing Ocrean Wave Mens Bicep Tattoo

Wilderness Outdoors Mens Moon Tattoo On Forearm

Wolf Howling At The Moon Tattoo For Males

Wrist Geomtric Mens Moon Tattoo In Black Ink On Forearm

Wrist Moon And Tree Tattoos For Men

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