Mosaic Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Mosaic Tattoo Designs For Men – Decorative Ink Ideas

In shells and rocks and bits of glass, mosaics have been around since the birth of civilization. A mosaic tattoo continues the grand artistic tradition of creating a masterpiece out of small fragments.

Mosaic tattoos symbolize effort and purpose; every tiny piece of a mosaic is important to the whole.

They represent disparate parts uniting to form something larger than life. Mosaics are also a staple of religious art. They can be found in cathedrals, temples, and mosques throughout the world.

Historic mosaics have survived wars and plagues and the passage of time. Inscribing a mosaic tattoo on your body is a way of continuing this history, of becoming a fragment of a bigger picture.

A plain illustration tattoo is fine, but a mosaic elevates the image of your choice to the next level. Mosaics are for men who value hard work and commitment, who pay attention to detail in everything they do. They’re for those who find beauty in geometric figures and patterns.

A mosaic tattoo retains its epic grandeur in black lines or in full color. Some men opt for a stunning and cryptic visual effect by getting only a few pieces of their mosaic tattoo colored. Either way, an ornately detailed mosaic tattoo invites compliments from everyone who sees it. And because it provides endless visual stimulation, you won’t get tired of it.


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