Neo Traditional Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 93 Neo Traditional Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For an exquisitely illustrious spin on body art, today’s most prominent ink enthusiasts are decadently experimenting with the illustrative qualities of neo-traditional tattoos. These exotic masterpieces are sensually debonair for masculine style hounds everywhere.

The entire tattoo industry is undergoing a profoundly chic transformation thanks to the dashing inception of neo-traditional ink designs.

The glamorous appeal of old-school pin-ups seductively fuses with post-modern line work. The end result is a perfectly suave blend of confident irreverence. Gorgeous women have always been a top choice for male tattoo connoisseurs, but neo-traditional ink is evolving the industry to enable a newly posh level of extravagant charisma.

To participate in the neo-traditional tattoo revolution, all it takes is a slick knack for grandeur. Your selection will insinuate a profound appreciation for the fairer sex while enabling uninhibited participation in the 21st century’s unreserved revolution of ravishingly romantic ambiance.

Let the following assortment of neo-traditional ink be a source of infinite admiration. If you have been wanting to amp up your tattoo game, then consider starting off with one of these amazingly invigorating art pieces. This brand new field is constantly pushing the envelope to feature a mind-blowing blend of low-brow raunchiness and high-class creativity.


3D Man With Mustache Neo Traditional Tattoo

Love the crisp black through beard and hair mashing up with ice cream blue and orange. Adding the highlights to his face takes the new school up a notch. You could replace this guy’s hat with a cowboy hat and it would still work from a style standpoint.

Amazing Neo Traditional Art Tattoo Mens Arms

The hipster barber. Never seen one before in the wild. This contender looks fantastic. The precise denim on denim, barber’s toolkit, and alt tattoos contrast with the timeless red rose and our self aware hero.

Amazing Three Eyed Neo Traditonal Tattoo Mens Forearms

This is bad ass. A totally abstract piece of body art engineered in the most American traditional style possible is an excellent combination. The muted colors – forest green, red yellow, black – intensify the weirdness more than another mix of colors would, and gets you to look longer.

Amber Eagle Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Forearms

This is an elegant Hawk tattoo. It’s an awesome mix of animal realism tricked up by bold color and clearly defined line work. This neo traditional hawk exemplifies what the new school loves doing – ratcheting up brightness on the classic yellow and combining it with flowing black line and crafted fill elements in relief.

Awsome Neo Traditional Face Art Tattoo Males Chest

A killer take on an old school pin up version of Eve. This is top drawer neo traditional tattooing in taking the old school vibe then fully cranking it up with modern technique and color into something new. The skull inside the pin-up’s hair clip is cool, the smooth orange allowing Bones to leer out starkly from the woman’s tresses. The best part is the cutaway to skull through the lower third of the gray mask, it’s such a precise cross section and transition. The 3D flourish of color that is the Apple of Temptation is a cool technical touch to flash color at the other end.

Azure Blue Crowned Beast Tattoo On Male Hands

Look, this is the most malevolent looking cat you’d ever see on skin. Doesn’t look like he’s ever had a hug. The jade green of his coat makes him look even more hectic, especially in opposition to rabid eyes. By using color – with no subtlety at all – this ink flips from something fierce yet calm to a borderline terrifying beast. Wicked. 

Beautiful Neo Traditional Bird And Flowers Tattoo Guys Chest

Love the geometric edge to this old school sparrow tattoo. Rather than flat fill color the bird gets funky patterns, and white ink highlights along the black and yellow of it’s wings. It’s an extremely cool shift in regular technique maintaining the traditional color pattern in style. 

Black Haired Lady And Beast Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens ForearmsOoh, now this is spectacular. This neo traditional works flawlessly because it remains tightly old school in color and black work in keeping with the Gatsby style timeline. Imagine swapping the dark jade of the background tiger for a mad pink one to pop right off from the arm instead. This is exceptional body art.

Blazing Red Neo Traditional Skull Tattoo Guys Forearms

The full embrace of neo traditional produces wild tattoos like this one. The ultra thick black line work stands out across the fire bright color but also feeds off the bleached bone of the big skull. It’s still classic, crisp and fresh with traditional imagery, but has a bigger ego and brighter sense of fashion. The cavity color work is awesome.

Blood Thirsty Tiger And Skull Neo Traditional Tattoo Male Forearms

This is the highest quality body art. A reverent old school theme, pattern, and delivery just with modern tricks and sense of grander scale. Love how the piece focuses a lot on the Asian influence to old school, working the mix of color and black line across a variety of interesting outlines to build a fantastic art work. especially around the muzzle and fangs with skilled, precise use of shading and dot work.

Cool Captain Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Arms

Hmm, quite. This dapper gent looks like he’d be a pain at parties. With the hat off he’d be down for a good time. The scrolling line work of our hero’s beard is coolly etched, standing out by deign as much as execution. He looks a bit stiff in facial expression, however it works well as a tactic to show his highly controlled, dignified state. The epaulets are funky.

Cyan Beast With Tool Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Chest

Old school ink with a new school paint job. Scissorfang here is a great tatoo. In the 50’s and 60’s this would be a sharp but muted black, green and red. This one goes bold and bright to give it the stamp of neo traditional.

Dagger Piercing Rose Neo Traditional Tattoo Male Forearms

Another classic tattoo morphed into a neo version with vibrant color and bolder outline.The yellow dagger edge looks like it could come from Tron and works effectively to balance the color flow with red and black-gray, The thick gauge red rose is also a great piece of technical tattooing.

Electric Sparks And Skull Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Chest

This looks like a spooky Hong Kong action flick come to the life with this wise looking owl playing the role of mentor/ The bright blue skull stands out from the brown and gray shadow work in a sickly hue, and the interlocking plate style armor makes a useful fill color for a chest tattoo of this size.

Fantastic Neo Traditional Tattoo Males Torso

Another bad ass owl, this one’s head position changing the whole effect. The abstract eye in black works well in counterpoint to the laying of feathers.

Green Eye In Hexagon And Leaves Neo Traditional Tattoo Guys Forearms

This is a killer abstract take on the Eye of Providence tattoo. It’s such a strange eye, especially the slug like brow above, but it’s so interesting to look at in a weird way.

Guys Arms Neo Traditional Roaring Tiger Tattoo

So, this unfinished piece will look a lot different when the other parts are completed in support. The shade work will likely provide a nice foil the fierce tiger focal point.

Guys Arms Sensual Lady In Black Neo Traditional Tattoo

A stylish traditional pin up tattoo with a wicked hat. The pearl bordering is beautifully done, giving each one an opportunity to gleam. The line work of the woman’s curling hair strands are also a deft touch.

Guys Forearms Blue Eye And Rose Neo Traditional Tattoo

Wow, the clarity in the eye part of the tattoo is a brilliant emerald. It even dominates the other excellent work comprising this sleeve tattoo. Using brown in combination with black line, the deep red rose and textured rope all add up to a wonderfully developed idea.

Guys Forearms Grey Neo Traditional Feather Tattoo

This neo traditional arrowhead tattoo is wild. Love the graffiti overtones from the fat line etchings and sketch-like shading points. The artist has done a good job creating that flint type head as well.

Guys Forearms Scary Ghoulish Skull Neo Traditional Tattoo

There’s cool technique in this reaper ink. The wood grain insert and two tone matching shadow work of sickle and skull match brilliantly. The use of spare yellow and red highlights sets off the space exceptionally.

Guys Full Back Owl And Hollow Eyed Skull Neo Traditional Tattoo

Okay, so this is a new one. Not many artists are willing to do a full style flip of animal realism and new school, let alone stick a glowing skull above an owl. The bright colors of the background fill are going to be wicked working with the negative space to form the pattern behind the weird.

Guys Side Tiger And Serpent Neo Traditional Tattoo

The duelling white tiger and fluorescent serpent make a drawcard tattoo. The electric tiger teeth and stripe down the snake’s back is an outstanding technical feature and helps the tattoo show off.

Guys Sleeves Haunting Eagle Neo Traditional Tattoo

Guys Thighs Enraged Beast Neo Traditional Tattoo

The new school take on this traditional tiger is effective. Using the brighter, new wave colors only for highlights was an interesting choice that works in the context of source material. It also veers slightly on traditional contours, especially with the narrow fang set and chin/muzzle of the big cat. 

Guy With Blade And Rose Neo Traditional Tattoo Guys Arms

The straight razor is a traditional tattoo symbol meaning old school, and is a popular choice for funky neo traditional ink such as this one. The lines are thick and bouncy, doing well confining the wider color palette to clear, sensible delineation.

Guy With Fiery Neo Traditional Tattoo On Forearms

Guy With Neo Traditional Face Tattoo Mens Forearms

Guy With Neo Traditional Skull And Eagle Tattoo On Forerams

Incredible Neo Tradtional Tattoo Males Sleeve

Locked Beetle And Raven Tattoo Mens Forearms

Lovely Ship Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Forearms

Majestic Male Torso Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Arms Neo Traditional Lady Portrait Tattoo

Male Arms Stenciled Pattern Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Chest Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Forearms Amazing Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Forearms Neo Traditional Beast Tattoo

Male Forearms Purple Skull And Bony Hands Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Forearms Realistic Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Male Forearms Realistic Man Face Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Gorgeous Grey Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Knees Bloody Neo Traditional Weapon Tattoo

Male Thighs Stunning Neo Traditional Tattoo

Male Torso Phenomenal Horned Beast Neo Traditional Tattoo

Man Forearms Arrows Piercing Hound Neo Traditonal Tattoo

Man With Green Eye And Yellow Rope Neo Traditional Tattoo On Arms

Man With Neo Traditional Beast Man Tattoo On Forearm

Men Forearm Innovative Skull Neo Traditional Tattoo

Men Forearms Neo Traditional Large Red Sails Tattoo

Mens Ankles Cool Robot Traditional Tattoo

Mens Arms Amazing Blue Neo Tradition Feather Tattoo

Mens Arms Beared Man Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Arms Bloddy Beast Neo Traditonal Tattoo

Mens Arms Pretty Woman Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Arms Realistic Tiger Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Arms Ship Shark And Lady Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Back Neo Traditional Eye In Triangle Tattoo

Mens Back Realistic Eye In Triangle Neo Traditonal Tattoo

Mens Chest Gorgeous Colored Neo Traditonal Tattoo

Mens Forearm Icy Hands With Knife Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Forearms Angry Animal Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Forearms Chinese Sailed Ship Roses Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Green Neo Traditonal Alligator Tattoo

Mens Forearms Dark Neo Traditional Skull Tattoo

Mens Forearms Dark Shadow Effect Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Forearms Dark Traditional Dagger Tattoo

Mens Forearms Furious Neo Traditonal Animal Tatto

Mens Forearms Modern Art Blindfolded Man Tattoo

Mens Forearms Neo Tradiotional Dagger Tattoo

Mens Forearms Rainbow Themed Bird Neo Traditional Tattoo

Mens Full Back Fantastic Neo Traditonal Tattoo

Mens Knees Realistic Eagle Head Neo Traditonal Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Gigantic Neo Traditional Eagle Tattoo

Neo Traditional Compass And Rose Tattoo Male Forearms

Neo Traditional Hands Clutching Crowned Heart Tattoo Mens Chest

Neo Traditional Realistic Tiger Tattoo Guys Forearms

Neo Traditional Sharp Clawed Animal Tattoo Male Forearms

Neo Traditional Skull With Decorative Headpiece Tattoo Guys Forearm

Neo Traditional Skull With Hood Tattoo Mens Forearms

Neo Traditional Yellow Rose And Lady Tattoo Mens Forearms

Neo Traditonal Blow Horn Tattoo Mens Forearms

Owl And Rat Neo Tradiotional Tattoo Mens Forearms

Realistic Neo Traditonal Caramel Colored Eagle Tattoo Mens Hands

Roaring Realistic Animal Neo Traditional Tattoo Guys Hands

Roped Dagger Piercing Hound Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Forearms

Serpent With Apple Neo Traditinal Tattoo Guys Forearms

Sharp Beaked Eagle Neo Traditional Tattoo Males Hands

Splendid Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Forearms

Stunning Neo Traditional Lady Tattoo Guys Forearms

Unique Monster Neo Traditional Tattoo Mens Calves

Wonderful Neo Traditional Owl And Rose Tattoo Males Neck

What is the difference between traditional and neo traditional tattoos?

Neo traditional tattoo is a bulked up variation of old school or American traditional tattoo. Neo traditional tattoos have a wider array of bright, intense color palettes and broader range of style including cartoon and comic book imagery.

This style is known for vivid, ultra realistic detail combined with an old school use of symbolic imagery. Neo artwork tends bold with line and color yet keeps outline and font elements of old school a focal point. The classic look is muted, but always offers fresh line work and spacing.

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