Neuron Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Neuron Tattoo Designs For Men – Nerve Cell Ink Ideas

An enormous fascination since times of old, people have always sought to understand the workings of the human body, both inside and out. Boldly present that thirst for knowledge with a neuron tattoo.

Men with a passion for neuroscience needn’t limit themselves to just a simple mass of branching dendrites around a nucleus. Like the foundation of a painting, your skin is the canvas for all sorts of art styles.

They can be strictly black or as colorful as a rainbow, simple or elaborate, photorealistic or surreal. The neuron may be a small part of a larger image like a brain or the one that encompasses even smaller pieces like DNA strands.

Neurons function not unlike a switchboard, firing off chemicals that relay messages from junction to junction. Show them off with chains of protein molecules and chemical formulas responsible for reactions such as happiness, passion, learning and more stretching between stations or simply spiraling to the forefront of the picture.

The base for a mandala, a Zendoodle, the center of a galaxy, veins of a plant, a barren tree or even a forest of them-there are so many ways to depict the amazing structures of the brain.

There’s may still be a lot to uncover about the mysteries of life but you can flaunt the secrets you know with a discerning work of art. Remember all the little things that come together to make a whole and when you’re planning on your next tattoo, consider a neuron or two.


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