Oilfield Tattoos For Men

40 Oilfield Tattoos For Men – Oil Worker Ink Design Ideas

An oilfield, in the literal sense, a chosen region of a number of oil wells that draw out crude oil from under the ground. Workers toil onsite for months or even years to build a field, which is a pretty complicated process since oil fields are typically isolated from civilization, so it involves logistical engineering and coordination.

Many who’ve worked or have relatives who’ve worked in an oilfield usually get tattoos relating to their time in the job.

It’s often that the tattoo portrays the oil field they were occupied in labeled with a certain number indicating their specific work post.

Oil field workers have a vigorous sense of pride in their honorable field, and they get tattoos symbolizing the difficult perils, backbreaking labor, and whole efforts made during their employment in order to support themselves and their family. They represent the roughneck way of life like a sailor represents the rugged and unmerciful seas.

The most common tattoos relevant to the oilfield are oil rigs and oil workers operating a particular piece of equipment like the throwing chain or doing tasks like tripping pipe. Oilfield men readily enter the job putting their fears aside ready to give their all.


Artistic Mens Oilfield Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Black Ink Mens Oilfield Well Tattoo On Upper Side Of Back

Black Ink Oultine Oilfield Well In Ground Mens Back Tattoo

Clouds And Sunset Guys Oilfield Themed Sleeve Tattoo

Colorful Mens Oilfield Themed Full Back Tattoos

Cool Dark Black Ink Oilfield Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool Mens Black Ink Oilfield Rope Full Arm Tattoos

Cool Military Oilfield Mens Arm Tattoo Designs

Creative Oilfield Themed Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

Exploding Oil Well Mens Oilfield Tattoo Designs On Arm

Flaming Oilfield Mens Well Arm Tattoo

Gas Mask Mens Oilfield Arm Tattoo Designs

Guys Oilfield Tattoo Design On Sunglasses With Sunset And Pumpjacks

Half Sleeve Tattoo With Oilfield Design On Mans Arm

Inner Forearm Guys Oilfield Heart Pumping Blood Tattoo Design

Male With Oilfield Texas Full Back Tattoo

Masculine Mens Oilfield Ocean Tattoo Half Sleeve

Mens Heart Oilfield Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Mens Outer Forearm Oilfield Tattoo Designs

Mens Rib Cage Side Oilfield Tattoos

Mens Texas Oilfield Inner Forearm Tattoos

Oilfield Sunset Male Forearm Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Oil Well With Tools Mens Oilfield Upper Arm Tattoo

Old School Mens Oilfield Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Orange Sun Mens Oilfield Pumpjack Tattoo On Arm

Pumpjack Guys Heart Oilfield Upper Chest Tattoo

Realistic 3d Oilfield Drill Mens Forearm Tattoo Designs

Realistic Oilfield Pumpjack Mens Arm Tattoo

Sea Oilfield Mens Lower Leg Tattoo Designs

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Oilfield Leg Calf Tattoos For Males

Shaded Black And Grey Mens Oilfield Landscape Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Shaded Oilfield Black And Grey Mens Well Arm Tattoo Designs

Shaded Texas Male Oilfield Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Skull With Oilfield Worker Helmet Mens Arm Tattoo

Unique Oilfield Male Chest Tattoos

Watercolor Mens Crude Oil Well Full Back Tattoos

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