Old English Tattoos For Men

50 Old English Tattoos For Men – Retro Font Ink Design Ideas

Old English, more properly known as blackletter, features a style of script originating in the 12th century in western Europe. It was the main form of writing until well into the 16th century and then continued to be used in the German language until the 20th century.

Blackletter is also known as Gothic miniscule and Gothic script, and these types of tattoos are currently skyrocketing in popularity.

Before the year 1500, blackletter was used in a lot of important historical texts which can now be seen in a number of museums or libraries that keep antiquities. There are some tattoo artists that use an already prepared font and pick out letters from it, and there are some who mix up their own style from the font’s foundation.

There’s many lettering styles for Old English tattoos since the font can be quite flexible, but the most common style of blackletter is textualis. It’s the most calligraphic form with ornamental accents and flourishes that’s attractive for the way it stands out on the body. When people hear “old English,” the textualis style is most likely the one they’re thinking of.

Many people pick quotes or important names written in the blackletter style.

1. Forearm Old English Tattoos

Mens Banner Old English Constitutionalist Forearm Tattoos

Old English Beast Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Old English Guys Inenr Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Old English Outer Forearm In God We Trust Tattoos For Men

Outer Forearm Old English Quote Tattoos


2. Bicep Old English Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Mens Old English Font Tattoos

No Chance Old English Bicep Mens Tattoo Ideas


3. Arm Old English Tattoos

Scroll With Old English Text Mens Tricep Tattoo Designs

Script With Old English Mens Arm Tattoos


4. Chest Old English Tattoos

Old English Collar Bone Guys Quote Tattoos

Old English Truth Is In God Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Quote Old English Male Chest Tattoo Ideas

Mens All For One Old English Chest Tattoo

Mens Old English Headless And Heartless Collar Bone Tattoos

Black Ink Outlien Old English Letters Mens Chest Tattoos

Guys Lopez Last Name Old English Font Upper Chest Tattoos

Lettering Old English Mens Chest Tattoos

Memorial Dad Tattoo With Old English Font Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Old English Initals Chest Tattoo

Mens Old English Numbers 1988 Chest Tattoo Ideas

Old English Male Upper Chest Black Ink Tattoo Word Designs

Pray For My Enemies Old English Mens Chest Tattoos

West Coast Mens Old English Chest Tattoo Design


5. Back Old English Tattoos

Shaded Old English Male Upper Back Tattoo

Est 1994 Old English Guys Back Tattoo

Awesome Old English Guys Upper Back Tattoo

Guys Decorative Old English Gomez Last Name Upper Back Tattoos

Lower Back Male Old English Text Tattoos

Mens Last Name Rebelo Old English Upper Back Tattoo Designs

Negative Space Lettering Mens Old English Last Name Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Ornate Old English Mens Upper Back Name Tattoos

Semper Fi Old English Mens Back Tattoo

Shaded Stone Old English Mens Back Tattoo


6. Side Old English Tattoos

Ambigram Old English Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Initals Old English Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Strength Quote With Old English Font Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Unbroken Old English Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo Designs


7. Leg Old English Tattoos

Guys Old English Font Back Of Leg Birth Year Tattoo Designs

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Quote Old English Mens Leg Tattoos


8. Stomach Old English Tattoos

Lower Stomach Old English Male Name Tattoo

Mens Stomach Old English Font Tattoo Designs

Traditional Tattoo With Old English 1995 Numbers Mens Stomach Tattoo


9. Head Old English Tattoos

Mens Old English Head Tattoos


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