Pacman Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Pacman Tattoo Designs For Men – Arcade Game Ink Ideas

For ink addicts who also consider themselves serious gamers, nothing brings back that beloved old-school arcade nostalgia like Pac-Man tattoos. From that trademark bright yellow circle of happy, to the boundless style and theme possibilities, Pac-Man tattoos instantly seem to conjure up feelings of fun and fantasy.

While a new-school approach to a vintage arcade scene may seem to be a contradiction of terms, it makes a lot of sense artistically. Especially in terms of neon colors and exaggerated, cartoon-y line work, Pac-Man tattoos done in new-school may have the most visually compelling end result. Of course, they can be done in any style the client wants, in order to create the overall theme desired. With the right artist, nearly anything that can be dreamed up can be sketched into a stencil. A freehand application could be an interesting way to go with this one, as well.

Pac-Man can be depicted with Mrs. Pac-Man, perhaps with hearts and other symbols of love worked into the scene. Alternately, the game’s hero could be shown with the ghosts that chase him: turquoise Inky (the bashful character), pink Pinky (the speedy character), red Blinky (the shadow character)and orange Clyde (the pokey character).

Filler ideas for a sleeve or large piece include cherries and the pac-dots that Pac-Man munches during his anxiety-filled journey through that iconic maze.


3d Mens Abstract Watercolor Geometric Pacman Tattoo Sleeve

3d Mens Pacman Shaded Tattoo Sleeve

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Game Over Mens Pacman Finger Tattoos

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Guys Pacman Inner Forearm Wrist Tattos

Male With Outer Forearm Pacman And Ghost Tattoo Design

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