Pie Tattoo Ideas For Men

50 Pie Tattoo Ideas For Men – Baked Dish Designs

“As American as apple pie,” goes the saying, and one can hardly argue the accuracy of the comparison.

Is there anything more comforting, more symbolic of home, than a homemade pie cooling on the windowsill? No matter the flavor–blueberry, apple, lemon, chocolate–this old timey dessert stands for so much more than pastry devotion.

A pie tattoo is nostalgia inked on the skin, plan and simple. And it’s just that plain and simple principle that makes it such an inviting piece of tattoo art. Inked by the slice or on the whole, accompanied by a glass of milk or cup of coffee, and perhaps with a bit of scenery behind it reminiscent of where you grew up or long to be, the pie tattoo speaks to the soul in each of us still searching for a safe corner of the world in which to savor the uncomplicated and divine. And like all great comfort foods, this is one tattoo that will never go out of style.

The bygone America is the stuff of legends, and while some legends fade, others persevere. The humble, wholesome pie ideal may seem like a tall order, but the pie tattoo begs to differ.

You’re a man of simple tastes and even stronger values, and like the mighty pie itself there’s also an extra helping for the one who could use a bit of old fashioned consolation.


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Pie Tattoo Designs For Men

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