Pigeon Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Pigeon Tattoo Designs For Men – Bird Ink Ideas

If you’re from a small or large city, you’ll know that pigeons have inherited an undeserved bad reputation!

In some cultures, pigeons and doves (the white ones) are considered blessings and these birds have persevered through constant changes in landscape.

Pigeons also carry symbolism that is rooted in love and hope. The tattoos and birds themselves have always been icons of harmony, revival and victory — all noble characteristics by any standard, no? But, still, they are ridiculed and sometimes even harmed simply because they are considered nuisances. They are a myriad of reasons why these lovely animals are described as rats of the sky, but getting a pigeon tattoo is an awesome way to go against the grain with a meaningful piece of art.

Pigeons are, actually, humbly beautiful animals. Their varying gray coloring may look mucky from afar, but up close their feathers carry a pearly iridesence that is both surprising and dang cool. A pigeon tattoo is also a great way to get some serious artwork that is unexpected and leaves room for your artist to showcase his/her skills. The layering of the grays, blues, whites, greens, and purples will make for some fancy line work and shading.

These birds are monogamous and wild pigeons find and stay with their partner, literally, ’til death do them part (no pressure, bro). If you decide to get one tattooed you can go for a minimalist look like a silhouette, but ultimately the more dimensions, the better.


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