Pine Cone Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Pine Cone Tattoo Designs For Men – Evergreen Ink Ideas

Pinecones are dropped by evergreen trees all year long. You may not think too much about them when you take a walk into the woods, but there is incredibly important symbolism inside this ancient image.

Evergreens have been around for a millennia.

They are one of the oldest flowering plants on planet Earth and the pinecone itself is the precursor to the flower. Every ancient civilization exposed to the pinecone has used it to symbolize human enlightenment.

And ancient wisdom is remarkably accurate in this case. Turn a conifer pinecone straight up and down and look at it from up above. You’ll see a spiral design culminating in the center around a “third eye”. Deep inside your brain is the pineal gland known to the medical world as your brain’s third eye. The pineal gland looks exactly like a pinecone ready to transcend into a blooming flower.

Pinecones also symbolize warmth. When a cone drops to the ground and dries out it becomes the perfect kindling ready to start a fire. That fire can represent desire or general warmth in personality.

The pinecone is also mysterious. The sought after Pine nut can be found at the center of the cone but only at the right time. To avoid predators like squirrels, the nut is only grown into the pinecone once every few years at random intervals. Begging the question — will someone find the prize inside of you?


3d Realistic Pine Cone Mens Forearm Tattoos

Amazing Mens Neo Traditional Pine Cone With Leaves Chest Tattoos

Amazing Realistic 3d Pine Cone Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Arm Male Pine Cone Dotwork Black Ink Tattoos

Awesome Guys Bicep Pine Cone Tattoo Design Ideas

Black Ink Old School Guys Pine Cone Wrist Tattoo Designs

Cool Neo Traditional Pine Cone Male Tattoos

Cool Pine Cone Male Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Cool Pine Cone With Coffee Mug And Mountains Mens Old School Forearm Tattoo

Deer With Pine Cone Male Old School Upper Chest Black Ink Outlien Tattoo

Dotwork Mens Small Pine Cone Forearm Tattoo

Fox Pine Cone Mens Old School Traditional Upper Chest Tattoos

Gentleman With Full Forearm Pine Cone Tattoo Design

Gentleman With New School Bear And Pine Cone Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Glowing Green Pine Cone Mens Arm Tattoos

Golden Yellow Pine Cone Mens Lower Leg Tattoo

Guys Detailed Pine Cone Leg Tattoo Design

Guys Pine Cone Heart Chest Tattoo

Guys Pine Cone Shaded Bicep Tattoos

Guys Small Pine Cone Old School Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Tree With Pine Cones 3d Wrist Tattoos

Heart With Branches And Pine Cones Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Pine Cone Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Inner Arm Mountain Pine Cone Guys Tattoo Designs

Japanese Mens Pine Tree Cone Tattoo Half Sleeve

Log Cabin With Pine Cone Mens Leg Tattoos

Man With Pine Cone Leg Tattoo

Man With Pine Cone Neck Tattoo

Masculine Pine Cone Tree Branch Guys Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

Mens 3d Shaded Black And Grey Pine Cone Arm Tattoos

Mens Heart With Pine Cone And Tree Chest Tattoo

Mens Inner Forearm Dotwork Detailed Pine Cone Tattoo Ideas

Mens Pine Cone Lower Leg Retro Tattoo Ideas

Mens Pine Cone With Tree Branch Forearm Tattoo

Mens Upper Chest Pine Cone Detailed Tattoo Ideas

Mens Wolf With Pine Cone Upper Chest Tattoo

Minimalist Mens Small Simple Pine Cone Lower Leg Tattoos

Old School Pine Cone Guys Forearm Tattoo

Outer Forearm Tattoo Of Pine Cone On Gentleman

Pattern Pine Cone Mens Hand Tattoos

Pinapple With Pine Cone Mens Unique Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Pine Cone On Branch Guys Arm Tattoos

Pine Cone With Eagle Mens Forearm Tattoo

Pine Needles With Cone Mens Lower Leg Tattoo

Quarter Sleeve Pine Cone Tattoo Ideas For Men

Raccoon With Pine Cone Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Shaded Moon With Skull And Pine Cone Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Sketched Guys Pine Cone Arm Tattoos

Small Blue Pine Cone Mens Lower Leg Tattoos

Traditional Pine Cone Guys Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Triangle Pine Cone Mens Small Tricep Tattoo

Watercolor Guys Pine Cone Arm Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Pine Cone Mens Nature Full Arm Tattoos

White And Grey Ink Mens Pine Cone Forearm Tattoo

White And Grey Shaded Male 3d Realistic Pine Cone Tattoo On Forearm

White Ink 3d Pine Cone Male Thigh Tattoos

Wood Pine Cone Mens Arm Tattoos

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