Pittsburgh Pirates Tattoo Designs For Men

20 Pittsburgh Pirates Tattoo Designs For Men – Baseball Ideas

Pittsburgh, like in-state city mates Philadelphia, has diehard fans. Their parents were born fans and their parents were born fans and their parent’s parents were born fans. Fandom runs through generations of families in this town.

For those that live in Pittsburgh–you don’t choose a favorite team–all are liked equally.

The love of the Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins run deep. Finding someone in town without a tattoo of any of the three teams would prove to be a challenge.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been a staple of the National League since 1887. Celebrating their 130th anniversary in 2017–the Pirates are playing hard for their city and their fans. Their work within the community breeds a small town feel for their local team in this growing city.

The Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t just a team with fly by night fans. These are loyal fans and it’s an exciting time to be a Pittsburgh Pirates follower. The team has proven capable of hanging with any team in Major League Baseball.

Home to legends like Willie Stargell, Honus Wagner, and Roberto Clemente–Pittsburgh Pirates fans have no lack of heroes to admire. This has made Pittsburgh Pirates tattoos the definitive way to show off a lifelong dedication to a favorite team.

The aforementioned legends aside–the Pirates logo, a simple P, is elegant, strong, and aware. It’s sharp lines and classic, retro look remind us why baseball is America’s favorite pastime.


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