Planchette Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Planchette Tattoo Designs For Men – Ouija Board Ink Ideas

Fate, Friday the 13th, and the occult play a part in the planchette tattoo. Favoured by men who are interested in the other side, these tattoos offer an air of mystery and otherworldliness.

There is also an almost carnival atmosphere to a planchette tattoo, as many of them use text and coloring reminiscent of an era of crystal balls in carnival tents.

The planchette, or little plate, was originally used in automatic writing but moved on to the Ouija board in later years. It is ultimately symbolic of both a belief in the paranormal and the gullibility of people during the heyday of table-rapping and other supernatural pursuits. The planchette gained popularity along with the rise of Spiritualism in America and mediumship at table seances. This device was considered invaluable in communicating with the other side, and talking to ghosts during parlour games became de rigueur.

Men who enjoy the metaphysical and those who are interested in Victorian Gothic Americana will appreciate this ink. There is also a renewed interest in folklore and the mystic along with the works of Aleister Crowley, so a planchette is as timely as it is timeless.

There are multiple options for a planchette tattoo, including combining it with other mystical symbols such as the number 13 or the all-seeing eye. Words can be added to give the tattoo further significance; planchettes were used for messages, after all.


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