Popeye Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Popeye Tattoo Designs For Men – Spinach And Sailor Ideas

Popeye tattoos have struck a chord with vintage cartoon fanatics and herculean gods alike. This gallant sailor offers a legendarily grand likeness to ink connoisseurs in all four corners of the planet.

Activate your sailor swagger right away with the flashy charm of a Popeye tattoo.

This animated hero is making a snappy comeback in the form of cosmopolitan body art. His unmistakable visage will add credibility to any dude’s exterior, especially when merged with the titular star’s flexing biceps. The anchor on his arm enables the finesse of a tattoo within a tattoo! As the source of this infamous character’s strength, spinach is also an urbane feature to enclose.

Of course, Popeye isn’t the only member of the cast. The comic canon includes plenty of secondary friends and foes. Since the drawing style remains the same, they will all be imbued with slight subtlety while still managing to earn widespread respect.

Olive Oyl is the series’ perpetual damsel in distress, so guys who like playing the role of rescuer can feature her prominently as well. As you will discover in our guide, other grand possibilities include Bluto, Ham Gravy, Wimpy, Eugene the Jeep, Alice the Goon, Poopdeck Pappy and Sea Hag. All of them are ripe for inclusion!

1. Forearm Popeye Tattoos

3d Mens Forearm Popeye The Sailor Man Tattoos

Awesome Sailor Jerry Popeye Guys Forearm Tattoo

Cartoon Style Popeye Anchor Guys Forearm Tattoos

Creative Mens New School Tattoo Popeye On Forearm

Guys Popeye 3d Cartoon Forearm Tattoo

I Am What I Am Popeye Mens Inner Forearm Tattoos

Mens Popeye Tattoo New School Design On Forearm

Mens Shaded Popeye Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Popeye In Row Boat Male Forearm Tattoo For Guys

Unique Forearm Popeye Anchor Tattoo With Can Of Spinach

3d Popeye Forearm Tattoo On Man

Anchor Popeye Male Arm Tattoo

Can Of Spinach Small Popeye Male Tattoos

I Yam What I Yam Colorful Spinach Popeye Forearm Guys Tattoos

Red And Black Ink Popeye Guys Tattoos


2. Bicep Popeye Tattoos

Black Ink Shaded Popeye Tattoo Designs On Mens Bicep

Guys Spinach Popeye Tattoos On Bicep

Realistic Popeye Playing Card Guys Bicep Tattoo

Small Old School Sailor Jerry Style Mens Popeye Tattoo On Arm


3. Arm Popeye Tattoos

Small Popeye Mens Outer Upper Arm Tattoos

Popeye Getting Tattoo Of Spinach Can On Arm Male Tattoo Ideas

Mens Popeye Tattoo With Bluto Swee Pea And Olive Oyl

Male With Tattoo Of Popeye Old School Design With Flower

Lightning Sky Popeye Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

J Wellington Wimpy Mens Popeye Upper Arm Tattoo

American Flag Popeye Upper Arm Guys Tattoos

Black Ink Shaded Forearm Popeye Male Tattoo Inspiration

Guys Abstract Popeye The Sailor Arm Tattoo Designs

I Yam What I Yam Popeye Mens Inner Arm Tattoo

Lightning Clouds Popeye Sailing Ship Mens Arm Tattoo

Man With Popeye Spinach Arm Tattoo

Old School Steady As She Goes Popeye Steering Wheell On Ship Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Realistic Popeye Pope Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Sailor Jerry Popeye Mens Small Arm Tattoo

Small Simple Popeye With Pipe Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Tiny Small Mens Popeye Portrait Face Tattoo On Arm With Nautical Compass

Upper Arm Watercolor Out At Sea Popeye The Sailor Man Tattoo


4. Sleeve Popeye Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Popeye Arm Tattoo For Gentlemen

Realistic Popeye Half Sleeve Guys Tattoos

Stormy Seas Popeye Anchor Guys Leg Sleeve Tattoo


5. Chest Popeye Tattoos

Shaded Realistic Popeye Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Design Inspiration

Amazing Popeye Mens Center Chest Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

Navy Ship Popeye Black Ink Outline Guys Chest Tattoos

Shaded Popeye Ship Wheel Mens Chest Tattoos

True Love Old School Mens Popeye And Olive Oyl Chest Tattoos


6. Back Popeye Tattoos

Full Back Guys Popeye Sailing Ship Tattoos

Male Upper Back Tattoo Of Popeye


7. Side Popeye Tattoos

Mens Rib Cage Side Popeye Tattoo Designs


8. Leg Popeye Tattoos

Negative Space Ship Wheel Popeye Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Portrait Of Popeye Male Leg Tattoo

Small Cartoon Style Popeye Mens Leg Tattoo

Old School Popeye Mens Leg Tattoo


9. Calf Popeye Tattoos

Cool Popeye Shark And Anchor Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Spinach Can Exploding Mens Popeye Leg Calf Tattoos

Stars Popeye Leg Calf Mens Tattoo Designs


10. Thigh Popeye Tattoos

Dark Mens Popeye Thigh Tattoo With Realistic Portrait Design

Navy Battle Ship With Popeye Mens Thigh Tattoo Ideas


11. Hand Popeye Tattoos

Colorful Mens Popeye Hand Tattoos With Circular Design

Cartoon Popeye Mens Hand Tattoos

Cool Black And White Ink Popeye Mens Hand Tattoo


12. Watercolor Popeye Tattoos

Watercolor Shaded Popeye Male Upper Arm Tattoo


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