Propeller Tattoo Ideas For Men

50 Propeller Tattoo Ideas For Men – Bladed Fan Designs

The propeller carries multiple meanings depending on the man who beholds it.

For some, if not most, it’s a sign of travel and speed; of breaking boundaries and restrictions to get to where few men even dream of following.

The propeller is for the man who travels by sea and sky, and leaves land for the amateurs.

A propeller tattoo is a simple and elegant way to send a greater message to the world: that we are so much more than the limitations we often set for ourselves or worse, allow others to determine. Inked on the shoulder or bicep, in black and white or defiant color, the propeller lets the world know you don’t adhere to borders or limits, and woe to the soul who tries to slow you down.

From the Wright Brothers’ first flight to the earliest breakthrough in boating, the propeller means one thing and one thing only: progress. As mortals we’re always testing those aforementioned borders and boundaries to see just how far we can get, and the propeller tattoo offers up a universal truth, that there are no rules when it comes to the infinite possibilities of life on earth.

Your propeller tattoo isn’t just another fad or passing ink trend, but will stay with you throughout your life, urging you onward–and faster still. You don’t have time to stroll on terra firma when you can be blazing over water and through the clouds, and your propeller tattoo is a totem worth upholding.


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Propeller Tattoo Designs For Men

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Propeller Tattoos For Men

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