Puppet Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Puppet Tattoo Designs For Men – String Ink Ideas

Trapped at the end of their strings and held by their omnipotent master, a puppet tattoo is complex and expressive. Equally exquisite in grey tones or color, puppets can convey a range of emotions or circumstances.

Puppets have existed for millennia, and are invaluable in the art of storytelling.

From children to the elderly, an image than can be easily recognized is the beloved puppet. Ranging from serene and childlike to downright gruesome in appearance, there is no limit to the stories to be told by these inked works of art

The hidden detail behind every puppet, good or evil, is that it exists to fulfil its master’s commands. Unable to detach or flee, and under circumstances beyond his control, the puppet can only hopelessly dance on his strings. His personality, voice, movements….his very being is dependent on his master and the environment he finds himself thrust in. A puppet is literally tied to his owner, and all circumstances he finds himself in are outside his control.

As such, expect a whole slew of creative outlets for this kind of tattoo. While puppet tattoos can often signify frustration or rebellion, they can also be used in depictions of hopeful anarchy, of regaining power and control of life by triumphantly detaching from one’s “masters”. Often depicted as mischievous or downright malicious, puppets also can playfully portray a saucy or defiant personality. The nature of puppets and the potential for artistic interpretation exists on a wide spectrum. From cartoonish, to doll-like, to almost otherworldly in expression and detail, don’t overlook these masterful storytellers for your tattoo collection.


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