Realistic Lion Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Realistic Lion Tattoo Designs For Men – Felidae Ink Ideas

From the proud astrological sign of Leo to Aslan, the fabled ruler of Narnia, the lion is the king of both man and fellow beast, a symbol of courage and regal bearing.

In African belief the lion represents self control and discipline, while medieval Europeans held the lion as one with royalty, often even keeping them as courtly pets.

A creature of astonishing beauty and force, the lion’s endangerment in recent years has rendered it a king truly in danger of losing his kingdom.

The ancient Romans often used the symbol of the lion to express their love, while ancient Egyptians carved great statues of two lions with their backs touching in representation of eternal balance. Alternately, the lion can be used to represent one’s Christian and Islamic beliefs.

Not all lion tattoos require a stylized or cartoon depiction; many prefer a realistic representation of this sacred animal. Survivors of physical trauma may choose to tattoo the figure of a lion over previous scars or injuries, a mark of triumph over adversity. Others opt for a life-like rendering to raise awareness for this endangered species. And some will tattoo the lion’s profile directly over their heart, a declaration of the true “lion heart.”

Regardless of where and how you wear your lion tattoo, there’s no denying the unwavering courage and morals of the man who aligns himself with this king of kings.


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