Realistic Moon Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Realistic Moon Tattoo Designs For Men – Astronomical Ideas

The moon has held humankind in thrall for thousands of years, a source of wonder and symbol, both real and fantastic, of light in the dark.

Sailors and seekers have been guided by it, while the sea and women’s fertility cycles alike move with the waxing and waning lunar phases.

And of course, when the moon is full it holds a transformative power over man and beast–literally and figuratively, in some cases. When man first walked on the moon it was a true heralding of a new era, the meeting at last of myth and science.

Artists and astronomers have painted and drawn the moon in various stages and styles, some of which are astonishingly accurate. If you prefer such a rendering over the more fanciful interpretations, there is an abundance of designs to choose from. Black and white ink etchings are a traditional choice, mimicking scholarly texts and charts, while intricately detailed silvers and blues illuminate whichever part of your body you choose to wear your lunar emblem on.

There are a variety of ways to convey the moon tattoo’s meaning, and often people will select a certain lunar stage to represent their unique connection. Your first step may be to decide which waxing or waning phase you prefer; for example, are you draw to the elegant and understated sliver of the half moon, or powerful full moon? You may additionally wish to incorporate other realistic factors, such as the sea, clouds, or surrounding stars.

Regardless of whether it is science or something more ethereal that inspires a moon tattoo, the wearer no doubt is one who is in touch with his own mysterious inner workings and rhythms, embracing the night and all it conceals while seeking a light of his own.


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