Realistic Owl Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Realistic Owl Tattoo Designs For Men – Nocturnal Bird Ideas

“The owls are not what they seem” according to Twin Peaks, and neither are their tattoo counterparts. Much like the moon, owls have long been revered for their nocturnal powers, ancient symbols of both higher wisdom and sight in the dark.

Western cultures adopted the owl as a mark of education and studious discipline, while Native Americans viewed one’s owl totem as an ability to see what is hidden from most, the ultimate creature of otherworldy intuition.

Egyptian, Hindu, and Celtic cultures believed the owl to act as both translator and guardian of the dead, often delivering messages from the departed. The ancient Romans held the belief that an owl hooting from the top of a public building was surly an omen of death for an important public figure, while the ancient Greeks welcomed the owl as a harbinger of Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.

From barn owls to Great Horned owls, each species represents a facet of our own inner nature and needs. Snowy white or rich brown, the realistic owl tattoo can be inked in black and white or drawn in luscious earth tones, often worn on the arm or shoulder to indicate one’s respect and connection with this knowing creature of the night.

1. Forearm Realistic Owl Tattoos

Colorful Mens 3d Realistic Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Fall Leaves With Owl Mens Realistic Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Realistic Owl With Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs For Men

Male With Inner Forearm 3d Realistic Owl Tattoo Design

Pine Trees And Owl With Orange Eyes Guys Realistic Outer Forearm Tattoo


2. Bicep Realistic Owl Tattoos

Masculine Realistic Black And Grey Owl Tattoo Ideas For Guys

3d Cool Guys Realistic Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Inspiration

Incredible Realistic Inner Arm Bicep Male Owl With Blue Eyes Tattoo

Ultra Realistic Mens Owl Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Ideas

Black And Grey Owl Inner Arm Realistic Tattoo Designs For Men

Inner Arm Bicep Realistic Male Owl Tattoo Ideas

Owl Head Guys Realistic Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas


3. Arm Realistic Owl Tattoos

Shaded Realistic Male Tattoo Design On Arm

Guys Realistic Owl Tattoo Design On Arm

Cool Outer Forearm Realistic Barn Owl Tattoos For Men

Guys Owl With Trees Realistic Upper Arm And Shoulder Tattoo

Orange Eyed Owl Mens Realistic Arm Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Realistic Mens Owl Head 3d Arm Tattoo

Black And Grey Ultra Realistic Guys 3d Owl Arm Tattoo Designs


4. Sleeve Realistic Owl Tattoos

Full Arm Sleeve Manly Realistic Owl Tattoo Designs For Men

Mens Full Sleeve Realistic Owl Sitting On Skull Tattoo


5. Chest Realistic Owl Tattoos

Amazing Mens Realistic Upper Chest Owl Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens 3d Realistic Owl Upper Chest Tattoos

Flying Barn Owl Realistic Upper Chest Tattoos For Guys

Guy With Flying Realistic Barn Owl Shaded Black And Grey Ink Chest Tattoo

Mens Realistic Owl Flying With Heart Chest Tattoo


6. Shoulder Realistic Owl Tattoos

Mens Back Of Shoulder Shaded Realistic Owl Tattoo


7. Side Realistic Owl Tattoos

Guys Rib Cage Side Realistic Owl Tattoo Designs


8. Hand Realistic Owl Tattoos

Gentleman With Realistic Owl Hand Tattoo

Heavily Shaded Mens Realistic Owl Hand Tattoo

Mens Hand Realistic Tattoo Design Of Owl


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