Reflection Tattoo Ideas For Men

50 Reflection Tattoo Ideas For Men – Mirrored Designs

“The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face,” wrote William Thackeray, and to this day we catch glimpses of both our true and superficial selves in all manner of surfaces.

From the mirror to the swimming pool, the places in which we catch our reflections and those of our peers are no less than sacred.

The reflection tattoo carries infinite meanings and modes of expression. Perhaps you find your true self reflected in the eyes of a loved one, or feel most at home in a place that shines against the water. Perhaps the mirror is a metaphor, that what is presented on the surface is but an echo of what lies beyond.

Perhaps you simply define happiness as the sun eternally reflected in your sunglasses, a promise of clear skies and endless possibilities ahead. Regardless of your reflective meanings, your tattoo will no doubt speak volumes about the complex nature of the wearer.

The man who takes time to reflect, both within and without, on his life and person is a truly enlightened soul. He understands the meaning of wading beyond the shallows and looking past the mirror’s first impressions.

He who bears one of these reflection tattoo ideas invites those who hold a similar philosophy to take a closer look, and admire the man who is more than meets the eye.


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Reflection Tattoo Designs For Men

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Reflection Tattoos For Men

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