Rib Quote Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 39 Best Rib Quote Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Many live their life by a certain motto or mantra, or are deeply inspired by a line they heard from their favorite movie or read from a book.

Rib quote tattoos are a popular way of expressing one’s views or thoughts often through beautiful scripture styles.

Most inked pieces are usually chosen to reveal private messages that commonly symbolize important people or moments in one’s life. Others simply need a constant reminder in following their dreams, aspirations, and life goals, which a rib quote tattoo is meant to do.

Depending on the style and size of the font, the message can nicely complement the body’s rib cage and highlight the natural curvature of the body, which can score some interested looks on the beach. Most quotes are written in either Old English font or an elegant cursive style, but some choose to get creative with it.

Those that place quotes on their rib cage know that this particular spot on the body is a very daring tattoo location. Knowing this, they strive to learn how adventurous life can be, thus they take a leap and get tattooed on one of the most painful and sensitive spots.

A rib quote tattoo can either by portrayed horizontally, vertically, or in stacked positions across the rib cage. Either way, the perfect quote for the wearer is one that emphasizes their personal mindset.

1. Vertical Rib Writing Tattoos 

One of the least common variants, vertical rib writing tattoos aren’t for everybody. They are harder to read, which will lead more people to ask you what they say instead of simply reading your skin. Rib writing tattoos for girls tend to be more common, but we think that’s a great reason for men to get one. Standing out from the crowd is part of what a tattoo is all about, so bending those outdated gender lines is a bold way to do just that. 

Keep certain factors in mind when going vertical. Letter size and style can make or break these tattoos. If you want yours to be easily read, go big. If you want to get in a lot of text, adjust accordingly. These rules apply to any rib tattoo, but the neck-bending effects of vertical ink make them even more important. 

2. Horizontal Rib Writing Tattoos 

Rib writing tattoo with I will not fear quote by Frank Herbert on side of man's ribs

By far the most common rib tattoo layout, horizontal script has very obvious advantages. These tattoos are easier to read, which means less curious people coming up to you on the beach and asking what your tattoo says. Needless to say, other people’s opinions should never be a consideration in tattoos, but your own annoyance at the 50,000th question might be. 

Keep your lines shorter for a horizontal tattoo. A skilled tattoo artist can help you break apart a longer lyric, poem or prayer properly, ensuring that your rib tattoo doesn’t end up being a wrap-around torso piece. If your chosen piece of text can’t be broken into size-friendly lines, consider restructuring into a vertical rib tattoo. 

3. Biblical & Prayer Rib Quote Tattoos 

Classic, timeless and beautiful, Biblical excerpts are exceptional choices for rib tattoo quotes. Due to the large size of the canvas, you can include entire portions of Scripture without worrying about running out of space. A small quote can go virtually anywhere on the body, but longer verses need a large space in order to pay them proper homage. 

Biblical tattoos look great in any style, as long as the piece is worked with skill and experience. Scrolls are a classic way to give these tattoos background, as are popular symbols like crosses, doves and praying hands. Any font will work, but classical script and handwriting styles are eternal favorites and connote respect. 

4. Rib Writing Tattoo Statements 

Statement pieces come in all shapes, sizes and sentiments. They might be a credo by which you strive to live your life, a memorial or promise to a loved one or simply a bit of wisdom you always want to have handy. Whatever the reason, statement rib tattoos are a great way to let your true feelings show. 

Statements look amazing on their own, as long as your tattoo artist is skilled in creating crisp, clean lettering. If you want a little something extra, consider adding a background. Shredded skin surrounding a quote or image is trendy, but still eye-popping if done properly. You might also consider framing your words or having an image shaded into the background, giving the words context. 

5. Poetic Rib Writing Tattoos 

If you’re inspired by, motivated by, or just really love one particular poem, consider it (or part of it) for your upcoming rib tattoo script. Poetry is a popular choice for text-based tattoos. Along with song lyrics, poetry can capture a feeling or sentiment like few other things on this earth. 

When considering poetry for your rib writing tattoo, keep size in mind. The length of the poem will determine where it can go and how large the writing can be. For example, the entire text of Poe’s Annabel Lee can probably fit on your rib cage, but the lettering would be tiny. If your favorite piece of verse is long, read it over and see if a few lines in particular stand out to you. 

Rib Tattoo FAQs

Do Rib Tattoos Hurt? 

To be blunt – yes. Rib tattoos do hurt, and there’s no sugar-coating it. The reason for this is simple anatomy – the skin over your ribs is very close to the bone. This is the same reason why hand, foot, shin and other tattoos hurt more than those on meatier areas like the chest or thigh. 

Rib writing tattoos can hurt, but keep the finish line in sight. They’re also visually stunning, and that pain will be well worth it in the end. With that in mind, many tattoo artists recommend a person’s first tattoo be somewhere less notorious for pain. Getting a tattoo on your bicep, for example, will allow you to gauge your pain threshold and realistically consider whether you can handle a rib tattoo. 


Did you enjoy these rib writing tattoos but need more opportunities to weigh up the type of script tattoo you want? Check out the galleries below for a range of styles, types, and placements:

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