River Tattoos For Men

50 River Tattoos For Men – Flowing Water Ink Ideas

“You can never step into the same river; for new waters are always flowing on to you,” penned Heraclitus of Ephesus.

Once associated with the ancient cycle and sacred rhythms of fertility, rivers have since gone on to symbolize ongoing progression of life and man’s journey to greater waters.

A representation of the flow of time and unavoidable transitions we must undergo to reach the next stage, rivers have been featured widely in the dreams and messages of seekers and prophets alike, and often used as metaphors for the hero’s journey.

Rivers do not flow in a straight line or easily-followed route; they wind and twist and often dry to mere streams in some parts, only to roar forth with raging currents later. They are unpredictable in all ways but one: they never stop flowing. So too must each of us keep going, no matter how fraught our way becomes or conversely sparse and unextraordinary.

There are many ways to pay homage to the river by way of tattoo art, and your tattoo artist will no doubt work to help you find the style and setting to suit your own individual narrative. You may opt for a river that winds its way around a part of your body, free-form style and with no end in sight; perhaps a backdrop of lush mountains or rolling hills would provide the context you desire. And maybe you DO want your end in sight: a vast open sea.

River tattoos are the mark of a man who is finding his way in the world, wary of his route but never bound to curves and currents set before him. He knows when to fight the waters and when to move with them, and never doubts the rewarding fate that awaits him at the end.

1. Forearm River Tattoos

Forearm Band Detailed Black Ink River Tattoo Ideas For Males

Inner Forearm Mens River Tattoo With Waterfall Design Ideas

Inner Forearm Waterfall Incredible River Tattoos For Men

Male Tattoo With Skull Head River Design On Inner Forearm

Old School Traditional Forearm Cool Bear Paw River Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Outer Forearm Creative River Tattoos For Men

Small Detailed Inner Forearm Masculine River Tattoos For Men

Unique Mens River With Trees Forearm Tattoos

Forearm Sleeve Male Cool River Tattoo Ideas

Inner Forearm Nature Landscape Guys Tattoo Ideas River Designs

Mens Cool River 3d Forearm Band Tattoo Ideas

Outer Arm Fisher In River Male Tattoo Designs

State Outline Inner Forearm River Tattoos For Gentlemen

Outer Forearm River Tattoos Men


2. Bicep River Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Dotwork Amazing Mens River Tattoo Designs


3. Arm River Tattoos

River Tattoo Design On Man Half Sleeve

River Male Tattoos Quarter Sleeve

Guys River Arrow Head Tricep Tattoo Deisgns

Back Of Arm Nature Male River Tattoo Design Inspiration

Gentleman With River Triangle Arm Tattoo

Mens Tattoo With River Design Arm

Shaded Arm Distinctive Male River Tattoo Designs

River Guys Tattoo Designs Woodcut Half Sleeve


4. Sleeve River Tattoos

Forearm Sleeve Manly River Flying Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Full Arm Sleeve Nature Themed Awesome River Tattoos For Men

Full Arm Sleeve Trees With Wolf Guys Tattoos With River Design

Half Sleeve Guys River With Bear And Mountains Tattoos

Mens Tattoo Ideas With River Design Half Sleeve

Realistic Half Sleeve Male River Tattoo Ideas


5. Back  River Tattoos

Guy With Cabin In The Woods River Tattoo Design On Back

River Mens Tattoo Ideas Half Back


6. Side River Tattoos

Mens River Tattoo Ideas Rib Cage Side

Rib Cage Side Artistic Male Mountains With River Tattoo Ideas

River Tattoo Designs For Guys Rib Cage Side


7. Rib River Tattoos

Mens Tattoo River Design Rib Cage Side


8. Calf River Tattoos

Back Of Leg Mens River Tattoo Design Inspiration

River Tattoo Design Ideas For Males Leg Sleeve

River Mens Tattoo Designs On Leg


9. Leg River Tattoos

Colorful Flower Leg River Guys Tattoo Ideas

Leg Guys River Tattoo Design Ideas


10. Shoulder River Tattoos

Remarkable River Tattoos For Males On Shoulder Blade

Shoulder Dog With River Guys Tattoos


11. 3D River Tattoos

Realistic 3d Cool Male River Tattoo Designs


12. Watercolor River Tattoos

Forearm Watercolor River Tattoo Ideas On Guys


13. More River Tattoo Ideas

Old School Arm Male With Cool River Tattoo Design


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