Samurai Hairstyle For Men

40 Samurai Hairstyles For Men – Top Knot Asian Man Buns

Acquire a warrior-like esque with a hairstyle dating all the way back to 794 A.D. Sure, it’s a long time ago however the truth is, Samurai were quite fashion-forward.

Chances are when you think or even see the samurai top knot today, most likely you’re going to think of things like the man bun, or its newly formed buzz words like the bro bun or hipster bun.

For simpler gentlemen, you might just call it a pony tail, however that’s far from reality! Here’s why:

The original look: Long length hair that’s tied higher than the head at the back. It’s different from the traditional pony tail, however it does resemble today’s popular man bun style. (Note the conventional man bun is worn with a lower knot) In a sense, it’s partly based on the similar looking Chonmage haircut as well; which features a tight knot in the back, though with much shorter and often shaved sides.

The modern look: Most notably you’ll find the samurai hairstyle in two modern forms: The semi and full man bun. It’s a lot like Chonmage hair vs. samurai hair. Each style features a different length and cut on the sides.


The history:

The original look dates back to the Japanese military of 794 A.D with its noble class of warriors known as the Samurai. It’s important to note this age was one where feudalism was the ruling form of government in Japan.

During the time period these gentlemen adhered to a high code of honor, aka the Bushido and pledged absolute loyalty. Needless to say, they were respected as much as they were feared. And while it’s true they were armed with the classic samurai sword, most were also highly skilled in combat with the bow and spear.

However, where did the samurai hairstyle stem from and why? Well, it’s as simple to understand as it is to style. Some men claim it serves a solid purpose in terms of combat functionality. With a knot in the back it’s safe to claim this hairstyle won’t get in the way while you’re stabbing or slashing an enemy. Aside from that, you can also consider the low maintenance needs and fact that it doesn’t require a whole lot of grooming.

Within time, manbuns became inspired by the classic samurai cut. Celebrities started bring the idea back to life in the 2000s, while women began to obsess and flock to the cut in droves. Today, the style is more popular than ever, however it’s still somewhat of a rarity among men.


How to style it:

As I mentioned above, styling is relativity easy. The number one key to achieving this look starts with having the proper length. That means you’ll need to let your hair grow out at least six to nine inches first.

Once that’s done, simply scoop up your hair in your hands like you’re about to form a pony tail. Move from the front of your forehead to the back and collect it all at the vertex to form a tail. Next, put it in a knot and use a stretchable or elastic hair band to secure it.

In this collection below, you’ll discover the different types of variations you can roll with when it comes to the knot style. Out of these top 40 best samurai hairstyles for men, you’ll see exactly how this cut goes beyond just having a long length. In reality, you can lean more to the classic style or go with anything from a modern semi or full man bun too.


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