Satellite Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Satellite Tattoo Designs For Men – Outer Space Ink Ideas

A tattoo of a satellite is rare. It’s the avatar of the techno-futurist, the scientist, the space-lover.

It’s an ode to knowledge–after all, data collected by satellites rules our day to day lives. A tattoo of Sputnik’s iconic four-legged sphere honors the history of space travel.

But the metaphor doesn’t end there. Satellites are a symbol of endurance. They circle above us, far out of sight, in silent watchfulness–lonely but constant. Perhaps you are the type who guides and protects your loved ones from afar. Or maybe you are seeking a guiding totem in your own life. Either way, the satellite is a relevant tattoo.

Its shape has evolved over the decades, but sleek geometry is the constant. Prisms framed by paneled “wings” make the satellite look like a mixture of technology and insect, a stunning tattoo whether rendered in bare lines or full detail.

In a way, your body is your world. Your skin and all of its contents are a planet inhabited by you alone, and you can indicate this with a tattoo of a satellite “orbiting” you.

With a satellite tattoo, you have many artistic options. Your satellite can be surrounded by stars or hovering above the arc of a blue planet. Star, moon, and even planet tattoos are fairly common, but a satellite is unique. It joins the infinite mystery of space with the wealth of human knowledge and the thrill of discovery.

It speaks of past progress and indicates all the adventures yet to come.


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