Shipwreck Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Shipwreck Tattoo Designs For Men – Sunken Ink Ideas

Historically, nautical tattoos have been a long-standing symbol of protection, power, patriotism, milestones in one’s life, and mementos. For a man, nothing says, “masculinity” quite like complete destruction.

While most sailors and US Navy members are still the majority of those with shipwreck tattoos, any man can find worth and representation in these beautiful and elegant tattoos.

Many regard a shipwreck as a failed expenditure, or a symbol of wreckage and destruction, or even others as a symbol of disappointment. Though this is ‘on the surface’ interpretations, as a shipwreck is deep below the water’s edge- so is the meaning deep below the surface.

The shipwreck is only the beginning of these works of arts. Many are intricate stories, from life-savers providing a symbol that no matter how bad the situation, there is always a safe guard against drowning.

The symbol of the anchor holding you to your values. Or perhaps the initials of a loved one can be included with the anchor, as if that person secures you.

The symbol of a nautical star is a representation of the North Star, symbolizing no matter where you go, you can always guide your way back home.

The symbol of the ship’s items inside being that of materialism; but life is worth so much more. Adding initials, small trinkets, and images adds personal mementos for people or places or events that had deep spiritual meaning to each man.

What is perhaps most wonderful about these tattoos is that they can continue to grow. They can be added to or edited and each and every man with one of these incredible and vibrant tattoos can be assured no two are alike. These tattoos are incredibly easy to manipulate and change to be completely unique.

Want to see what we mean by unique? Check these out:


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