Ski Mask Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Ski Mask Tattoo Designs For Men – Masked Ink Ideas

This design might seem a little controversial to some, but to those with a slightly more sophisticated sense of humor it will make perfect sense.

Consider the ski mask: For some, it’s a utilitarian piece of outerwear worn while soaring down a mountainside, kicking up powder and getting some sick air.

For others, the image of the ski mask evokes bank robbers disguising their identity. If you fall into the latter category, you might be wondering why any law-abiding man would want to tattoo himself with an image that carries criminal connotations.

The answer lies in your ability to appreciate dark humor and not to interpret images too literally. Sure, a ski mask can suggest adherence to a life of crime. But it can also say you’re the kind of man who’s willing to bend the rules a little. It can tell people you object to conformity, and that you’re willing to get a bit dangerous if you’ll end up with a great story to tell. If you’re this type of man, then a ski mask tattoo might be exactly the kind of statement you want to make about yourself.

The ski mask tattoo is a humorous way to tell everyone you meet that you not only value humor, but that you approach life with a maverick sense of adventure. What could be manlier than that?


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