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Top 43 Skyrim Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Taking an arrow to the knee is among the profuse risks that an adventurer takes when embarking on a quest in Skyrim. Nonetheless, taking ink to the knee is one way to commemorate your many adventures in the Skyrim universe IRL.

Skyrim is fantastical, with a plethora of inspiring images, designs and symbols to draw inspiration from for your next tattoo.

Should you decide to use the cryptic dragon language to hide a message, to give yourself a gamer’s tribal tattoo, or to take advantage of the space on your knee that you might otherwise overlook with a meme reference, Skyrim tattoos can go in an exciting variety of directions. In fact, many may have a difficult time choosing just one aspect of the game to represent in the form of body art.

Many iconic images from the game are handily transformed to tattoos that have a classic, tough, “I’ve seen things” vibe. The tacit reference to a video game will be lost on those who have not immersed themselves in the world of Skyrim, but this doesn’t detract from the beautiful displays of artwork that they can be with the right tattoo artist.

This means that even your friends and family who have no idea about your adventures in a virtual world will still be able to enjoy the aesthetic of your tattoo.

1. Quirky Skyrim tattoos

Arrow Thigh Guys Skyrim Tattoo Deisgns

Stone 3d Upper Back Symbol Skyrim Guys Tattoos

– Alex Mayhem Graham at Mayhem Tattoos

Cool Old School Traditional Forearm Skyrim Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

You’ve got to love references to an “arrow to the knee,” the popular catch cry and enduring meme from the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Getting it inked is a boss level move, immediately placing you as a visible fan of the franchise. The creativity invested into these tattoos is tremendous, whether it’s an American tattoo style representation of armor or the use of fine black needle line in creating a cracked stone effect or simple, bold ink.

2. Traditional black and gray Skyrim ink

Forearm Sleeve Heavily Shaded Gaming Skyrim Tattoo Ideas For Males

Male With Cool Skyrim Tattoo Design Forearm Sleeve

Mens Tattoo Skyrim Design On Arm

Arm 3d Skyrim Themed Tattoo Design On Man

Half Sleeve Gamer Skyrim Tattoo Ideas On Guys

There’s an exceptional level of detail etched into these superb traditional black and gray tattoos. They deliver excellent contrast by implementing classical style in background shading, with intensity and individuality of fine detail deployed in the warriors weaponry and armor. The use of negative space is well worked to provide mist and smoke effects, relieving darkness from the color scheme. 

3. Skyrim runes

Awesome Black Ink Wrist Skyrim Tattoos For Men

Back Of Leg Sskyrim Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Inner Forearm Quote Skyrim Male Tattoo Designs

These runes represent the dragon language used heavily in Skyrim. Just like with various real languages, these tattoos provide the opportunity for cool balance between black ink and smart placement.

4. Innovative warrior ink

Guys Skyrim Half Sleeve 3d Gaming Tattoo Design Ideas

Guy With Skyrim Tattoo Design Quarter Sleeve

Half Sleeve 3d Creative Skyrim Tattoos For Men

Hyper Realistic Half Sleeve 3d Mens Cool Skyrim Tattoo Ideas

Manly Skyrim 3d Tattoo Design Ideas For Men On Side Of Leg

Mens Skyrim Video Game Tattoo Design Ideas

These bad ass warriors are the core of Skyrim. You choose to become one of these fighters then go from there in 1000 different adventurous directions. I love how these tattoos embrace the rich source material. There’s bold black focused tattoos, traditionally shaded large scale battle pieces, or more contemplative sketch shading application. What they all share is an excellent understanding of space, line, contrast and placement, while also creating strong likenesses to characters within the game.

5. Skyrim blades

Incredible Skyrim Dotwork Sword Forearm Tattoos For Men

Guys Inner Forearm Sword Tattoo Ideas Skyrim Designs

Forearm Skyrim Tattoos Male

Small Forearm Sword Mens Skyrim Tattoo Design Inspiration

Inner Arm Bicep Slay With Symbol Shield And Swords Skyrim Mens Tattoo Ideas

The crafting, development, and display of an arsenal of weapons and armor is an enjoyable part of the Skyrim game. You can even build vast manor houses to show off your cache of loot. The tattoos above bring some these weapons to life by recreating their elements – glass, ebony, dragonscale, Elven fashioning, or simple steel. The type of blade created means a great opportunity for artists to utilize shading, color, and line work in a manner both innovative tattoo and native to the video game. 

6. Dark Brotherhood tattoos

Leg Calf We Know Handprint Male Skyrim Tattoo Designs

Forearm Skull Sword Sharp Skyrim Male Tattoo Ideas

Gentleman With Lower Leg Skull Skyrim Video Game Tattoo

Leg Skull Banner Quote Skyrim Mens Tattoo Designs

Leg Skull Red Ink Handprint Skyrim Tattoo Designs For Guys

The Dark Brotherhood are the cult of shadowy assassins that form a major mission sub plot to the Skyrim game. They represent the sneakier, shadier, and more bloodthirsty elements of Skyrim, so of course are a popular choice for getting tagged. There’s some wicked imagery deployed in this collection. From the heavy bloody red hands, to variations of the American traditional skull and dagger pieces, these tattoos effectively show off the darkness and death associated with the assassin’s guild. 

7. Skyrim logo ink

Mens Tattoo With Skyrim Design On Back Of Leg

Inner Forearm Remarkable Skyrim Tattoos For Males

Inner Forearm Black Ink Male Skyrim Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male Tattoo With Skyrim Design On Leg Calf

Male Cool Shaded Forearm Symbol Skyrim Tattoo Ideas

Red Symbol Arm Skyrim Tattoos For Gentlemen

Shoulder Blade Tribal Mens Skyrim Tattoo Ideas

Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas With Skyrim Metallic Chrome Symbol Design

Side Of Leg Amazing Mens Skyrim Tattoo Designs

Upper Arm Dotwork Small Masculine Skyrim Tattoos For Men

Small Simple Lower Leg Guys Tattoos With Skyrim Design

The Skyrim logo is an extremely versatile image for use in tattoo. Much like the symbols in games such as the Witcher or Borderlands, they can be manipulated into strong art by a variety of color, shading, or abstract etching techniques. I really enjoy how negative space, and black/white ink highlights are added to the dragon sigil to give them unique characteristics and more pop against the black or gray base colors, while others opt for more subtle use of shadow combined with bold black lines.

8. Skyrim dragon tattoos

Video Game Skyrim Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Arm 3d Cool Male Skyrim Video Game Tattoo Designs

Arm Guys Skyrim Tattoos

Leg Dragon Skyrim Male Tattoos

Male Skyrim Tattoo Ideas Half Sleeve

Arm Skyrim Guys Tattoo Ideas

Skyrim Tattoos Men On Arm

These Skyrim dragons are fantastic, showing realistic flair in reflecting creatures as they appear within the game. Most artists in the examples above have focused on re-creating the dragon’s elaborate scales, using effective dark shading in combination with white ink highlights or negative space to form solidly contrasting detail. In the game, scales and plate can be collected from slain dragons to build armor, so utilizing this aspect as a foundation of epic dragon tattoos is an effective concept. I also like how some of these pieces add to the dragons with fighting or scary scenes to affect larger tattoo space and create more elaborate art through flowing delivery, deft line work and complementary color/shade patterns

Skyrim tattoos FAQs

What does the Skyrim logo mean?

The stylized dragon logo of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the symbol called “The seal of Akatosh”. It is the emblem of the Imperial Legion, the key armed force of the Empire of Tamriel. A major part of the game’s story line pits The Empire against the native people of Skyrim, the Nords, led by powerful and charismatic revolutionary Ulfirc Stormcloak. 

The seal of Akatosh belongs to the chief deity of the Divines, Akatosh. His mission to defend the Empire. Akatosh is the Dragon God of Time, and is part of the religious fabric of the imaginary world created in Skyrim and referenced by many inhabitants of Skyrim.


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