Small Arrow Tattoos For Men

Top 47 Arrow Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Arrows hold significant symbolic meaning while being strikingly effortless. An arrow is admirable for both experienced tattoo-lovers and newbies alike.

The symbolic meaning of an arrow tattoo depends largely on the number of arrows involved and the way that they are positioned.

For instance, single arrows represent protection against evil forces while a bundle of arrows symbolizes the strength of a group. Double arrows, on the other hand, are unparalleled in their ability to express both camaraderie and adversity. If the arrows form a cross, they will represent closeness, whereas if they are pointed to each other, they will indicate war.

The vast array of symbolic meaning can be further adapted to your own personal beliefs or life experiences, making them one of the 50+ best tattoo ideas. A single arrow passing through a diamond, for example, can represent you moving forward through a challenge in your life.

The far-reaching symbolic meaning of arrow tattoo is just one reason that they make a distinguished choice for a first-time tattoo. Additionally, the simplicity of the arrow design means that it usually does not require a lot of time to finish, giving newbies a taste of the tattoo experience without being overwhelming.

Above all, arrows are among the most timeless symbols, making them a classic way to show off your flair.

Small Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens Small Arrow Tattoo Designs On Inner Forearm

This is a fresh minimalist forearm tattoo. Like the unique aspect of each arrow, and how crisply they’ve been etched. The fletching (feathers) is quite eye catching with deft, black lines forming each pattern. Three arrow pieces are often used to symbolize direction and movement during important decisions and life changes.

Ankle Compass Small Arrow Guys Tattoos

A perfectly acceptable minimalist compass using arrows to signify direction. It’s the type of body art you can get at most studios for the shop minimum of $50-$80, and you don’t need a master on the gun. Fresh, black line picks and stick jobs like this can be handled by an apprentice.

Cool Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas For Males On Inner Forearm

This tattoo is an exceptional inner forearm piece that applies a mix of styles. The Native North American tribal approach is well packaged amongst geometric flourishes to help the traditional black and gray arrow stay balanced. The circles in particularly create a brilliant contrast for the piece by allowing it to get wider on the skin, and provides a good use of black line amongst the feather fetish shade work and fletching.

Creative Small Arrow Tattoos For Men On Side Of Outer Forearm

A nice, simple black line arrow tattoo cut through with cursive. The font choice for “life” works cleverly against the straight line arrow, whose placement is excellent on the outer part of the arm.

Finger Small Arrow Male Tattoos

A tiny finger tattoo using the compass to represent direction. Again, this small piece could be had for shop minimum or on a special flash day of some kind.

Forearm Small Arrow Tattoo Designs For Guys

Enjoy the heavy detail in this black and gray arrow tattoo. The internal shade work has been accomplished with great technique to give the arrowhead and shaft different textures. Also like the whispers of delicate fletching going along the shaft to further illustrate the arrow’s home made quality.

Gentleman With Small Arrow Tattoo On Fingers

It’s difficult to keep finger tattoos such as these crisp, as you can tell from the fuzzy thickness of ink in these digits. Over time they’ll lose clarity further and will likely look smudged or lose shape. Make sure to check with your artist on best techniques and styles to keep finger tattoos looking sharp over a long period.

Guys Small Arrow Tattoo Deisgns On Wrist

The use of a stylized arrowhead works brilliantly as a border for the mountain scene within. This small tattoo is greatly effective, mixing up fine, clear line work of the arrows and interior with the thicker, fuzzier black triangle. It’s a well developed and funky looking inner wrist piece.

Guys Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas On Side Of Forearm

Cool placement of arrow on the subject’s outside forearm. The artwork isn’t spectacular but is professionally delivered with the flickers of white highlights displaying the artist’s attention to detail.

Guys Tattoos With Small Arrow Design Outer Forearm

The use of white as a filler for the arrowheads work in this otherwise minimalist arrow tattoo. It’s such an unusual fill color that it stands out in this instance. Cool ink.

Guy With Small Arrow Tattoo Design Side Of Hand

Smart work to cover up the old arrow with a thicker, better held new version that has much more interesting fletching. The type of fade and fall out in the older piece often happens with edge of hand tattoos, so try to choose an image that would be simple enough to re-do or cover up.

Hand Small Arrow Tattoos Men

Love this neo traditional tattoo. It rocks the old, American traditional flint arrows, but throws in updated color work and a skin pouch to keep it current.The ram’s head – symbolically linked to determination and initiative must have been there first so the artist put the pouch in and created a cool effect.

Incredible Small Arrow Tattoos For Men Outer Arm

Enjoyable line work gives this arrow a more delicate feel despite the primitive style flint head. The fletching is tight and flows simply but it’s the artist choice to use fine needle curves and swirls that helps it become better body art both stylistically and in the tattoo’s use of space.

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Small Arrow Tattoo FAQs

What does an arrow tattoo symbolize?

The arrow is one of the most versatile tattoo motifs out there. A range of meanings can be attached, whether it’s a solitary shaft or whole whole quiver, based on angle, direction, body placement or whether they’ve been etched alongside a bow or other weapons.

Some common representations of the single arrow include: love, direction, power, physical strength, and manhood. Interestingly, a bow set to fire an arrow is considered a symbol of conflict and tension, which changes to positive momentum if it becomes loosed.

An arrow point down means peace, while one facing left or right can ward off evil or act as protection. Two arrows facing each other equal war, and three arrow pieces are often used to symbolize direction and movement in relation to decisions and major life changes.


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