Small Chest Tattoos For Guys

Top 43 Small Chest Tattoos Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Masculine and intriguing, sexy and drawing. The sexiest men alive today adorn themselves with small chest tattoos.

A wolf howling at the moon, an oceanic heartbeat, the symbol of the military branch company you served so bravely beside, all proudly displayed on the most honored placement.

The male chest is reserved for the proudest displays.

Once known and worn only by military, bikers, and the more seasoned tattoo wearers, small chest tattoos are growing among the younger group of male tattoo seekers. Varying in size, these tattoos range from symbols of life events to characters emulating comical relief.

As sculpted as the male form is, wings, birds, eagles, and tribal designs are the highest sought after tattoo artistry in small chest tattoos. These particular designs are simple in the form of fluidity within the design, minimal breaks, and the use of generally black ink with minor shading if any deviation at all.

Surprisingly, even the rose has made a break into the masculine world of tattoos through small chest designs. All of these artistic flows work well in conjunction with the male formation, specifically the upper chest.

Whether in search of a meaningful design symbolizing freedom of life, encouragement or just looking for that simple hard core look of a good tribal cover, a small chest tattoo is a considerable choice for men of all ages.

1. Small Chest Tattoos Featuring Animals and Nature 

Animals and nature-inspired scenes are timeless classics, and chest tattoos are no exception. Minimalist small chest tattoos as well as more detailed creatures are all options. Given the up-front location, these tattoos make quite a statement. Placing an image directly over your heart is significant and should be reserved for images with a deep personal connection. They offer excellent placement for spirit animals, a beloved pet, or an animal you feel connected to in virtually any way. 

Nature-inspired ink is also right at home on the chest, whether it’s a scene that represents home to you or a floral design. Whether you choose a simple linework piece or something with greater detail like dotwork, heavy shading or a small chest tattoo in full color, consider the prominent placement and choose a tattoo artist with demonstrated skill in that genre. 

2. Small Chest Tattoos Featuring Text 

Got something to say? What better place than on your chest? Small chest tattoos in black and gray can be exceedingly bold when they voice something you feel strongly about. This could be represented in many ways, from simple initials under a symbol or a full statement.

Since most of us don’t run around shirtless most of the time, chest tattoos are usually covered up. This makes them ideal for voicing something which you believe strongly, but don’t necessarily want broadcast to everybody on your neck or hands. 

The chest is a beautiful place for a memorial, honoring a loved one in a way that doesn’t invite constant questions from strangers. It’s also ideal for a word or phrase that you want with you every day – perhaps a religious or spiritual quote – as a quiet reminder. Lettering quality matters a great deal with these tattoos, so choose your style, font and artist accordingly. 

3. Cartoon Style Small Chest Tattoos 

Flipping to the less-serious side of the spectrum, let’s consider cartoon-style tattoos. These simple chest tattoos are typically done in pen-and-ink style, although splashier styles like new school, anime or even a watercolor background can all add that crucial pop of color. Cartoons which carry a heavier message are popular chest options, but don’t be afraid to be whimsical. Your favorite Saturday morning cartoon character will be equally at home on your chest. 

If you do choose a particular cartoon character, talk over the style with your tattoo artist. Many characters don’t look recognizable when drawn or inked in a style which differs from the original. For proof, imagine Bugs Bunny drawn as an anime character. Intriguing, yes – but not exactly the nostalgic flashback he represents when inked as originally drawn. 

4. Detailed & Intricate Small Chest Tattoos 

While the chest presents a smaller canvas than a back piece or a torso tattoo, there’s no reason to think that minimalist is your only style choice. Virtually any style, when rendered with skill, looks amazing on the chest.

Small chest tattoos in color are not only eye-popping, but slightly more unusual and therefore more intriguing. The same idea applies to intricate design styles like geometry, photo-realism or heavily shaded blackwork. 

5. Standalone Small Chest Tattoos 

While incorporating a small chest tattoo into a larger chest or shoulder design is gorgeous, there’s no reason to shy away from a standalone tattoo. These tattoos generally catch the eye more, because they don’t depend on adjacent artwork to make them pop.

If you’re getting a first tattoo, the chest is an excellent placement option. It can be covered up for work and formal occasions, and chest tattoos generally hurt less than feet, hands or other areas where the skin is closer to the bone. 

Perhaps more importantly for some, the chest is an ideal spot for a tattoo which may be your “one and only.” Not everybody is destined for a body covered in artwork, and if you think you may only want one tattoo in your life, placement is everything. 

Small Chest Tattoo FAQs

How Much Does a Small Chest Tattoo Cost? 

Small chest tattoos vary greatly in time and cost. In general, you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a 2×2 inch tattoo, $100 to $200 for a 3×3 and $250 or more for larger pieces. Keep in mind that these figures are general.

You will pay more or less based on the experience of your tattoo artist, the level of detail involved and where you live. Tattoo shops in small towns generally (but not always) charge less than those in large cities. A tattoo by an artist who’s famous – even locally – will also usually cost a bit more. Remember that tattoos are one area where it’s always smart to pay for quality work. 

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