Small Neck Tattoos For Men

Top 37 Small Neck Tattoos for Guys [2020 Inspiration Guide]

A neck tattoo is no joke, but before your mind runs to those large tattoos that you see wrapping around the necks of gangsters in movies, think for a moment of a well placed, artfully designed, minimal tattoo.

This kind of tattoo can really show off a man’s bravery and individuality.

It’s something that could be hidden under a collar to be revealed as an intrigue at just the right time, or something that is always visible and gives a clue to what a man’s passions and interests might be.

It’s a chance for a man to really put himself out there as a free thinker and edgy creator. Anyone brave enough for a neck tattoo probably has the balls to accomplish many amazing things in the course of his life, starting with enduring a painful tattoo in a very conspicuous spot.

With color and highlights, a small neck tattoo might take on a realistic form. Other men may choose to highlight a simple silhouette or design a row of letters. Regardless of the style, having a tattoo there is both a conversation starter and a way to set himself apart from the crowd.

Our gallery of excellently designed and curated neck tattoos will give you a taste of a daring world that begins when you choose to take the leap to a neck tattoo.

Small Neck Tattoo Ideas

Small neck tattoo featuring black ink outline of angry wolf on man’s neck below ear

This is a subtle way of carrying an extremely powerful and symbolic animal with you. This tattoo is absolutely minimalist in design done in black ink. Wolf is smartly placed a little under the ear such that this creature looks like he is relaying a message to his master.

Awesome Small Neck Skull Tattoo Ideas For Guys

The ultimate versatile skull in a simple illustration in black ink on the neck. It is subtle and a great idea for a neck tattoo for guys. It looks very masculine under the ear. It’s versatility also extends to its meaning, may be symbolic or literally just the more popular ones such as danger, warning or death. Or a memorial for some, and a tribute to life in general as a constant reminder to celebrate life each day because death is s certainty, we all are faced with.

Bear Paw Guys Small Neck Tattoos

Bear paw is known to be a symbol for direction and power, which is certainly a cool idea for a neck tattoo. Small and subtle in design and size but definitely larger in meaning.

Bird Claw Guys Small Old School Traditional Neck Tattoos

This ferocious creature, if you’re not careful will sink its claws into your skin. However, this design is meant to do just that, symbolically, that is. Break barriers to release the authentic self, claw into you release the fears, and draw blood to release the demons you allowed to stay. Time for them to leave. This neck piece is striking, highly saturated that’s why it’s a standout. It is contoured and has dimension so it doesn’t look flatly perched into the neck. The added scale details are well spaced out and the lines are almost the same size.

Black Ink Tree Guys Side Of Neck Small Tattoo Design Ideas

This neck tattoo is absolutely stunning on the side of the neck. The sharp contrast of the deeply saturated black ink against the pale skin of the wearer strikingly sharp, making the tree standout. It is small and simple but the rich black makes this piece larger than life and can be seen and recognized for what it is from afar.

Colorful Castle Mens Small Front Of Neck Tattoo Ideas

The colors of the castle are the primary colors present on your color wheel staying true to the traditional, old school style of tattooing. The colors are indeed vibrant and recognizable from afar. The size of the tattoo and its proportion to its placement is perfect. This architectural piece may not be perfect on the way it is drawn but it is balanced in color and composition, well executed and will last for a long time on the skin.

Decorative Script Banner Guys Small Neck Tattoos

Indeed. It must take courage and strength to take his vulnerability into his skin for everyone to see, judge even if unsolicited, and hopefully, appreciate the wisdom of these words. This neck tattoo is drawn on one side of the neck, the word “beautiful” is the focal point, and hopefully, a source of inspiration to anyone who gets to read the tat. It’s font although italized can be read from a distance, but you need to get closer to get to read the other words. And yes, there is a reason for this. It is when you look closer, you see the real struggle of the person. It is when you form a bond with this person, you get a glimpse of his authentic self.

Deer Skull With Antlers Guys Small Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is strategically positioned to accommodate the antler. The deer skull looks powerful with the dark and highly detailed antler. The skull is details are haunting, sunken and lifeless. This gentle and graceful animal is worn as a tattoo for spirituality, renewal or to symbolize the balance or transition between life and death.

Egyptian Eye Back Of Neck Male Small Tattoos

A black ink neck tattoo of the Eye of Ra. This is a simple illustration of this powerful Egyptian symbol, known also as the sun god whose eye literally mimics the sun. Ra started out as Pharaoh and could be one of the original rulers. One myth has that the human Ra was old and very weak, because of this, his people began to ignore his laws and instructions. He sent his daughter, the eye of Ra in the form of a lion to punish his people. To place the eye of Ra at the back of the neck may have a distinct and personal may mean differently to the owner, but it looks like someone is always recording what is happening at the back of his dead.

Eye With Dangling Spider Mens Small Back Of Neck Tattoo

The flowers are beautifully drawn in extra fine lines, very detailed and mimics that of the sketch with the pencil as medium. The petals are delicately shaded at low points to add depth, then the leaves are shaded all throughout. These neck tattoos have been inked on the skin at different times with a different artist because of the saturation of the ink and the style. If the third eye represent intuition, or at times regarded as the eye of the soul, faith or Christianity, the spider on the other hand symbolizes wisdom and a strong protection from dark forces according to ancient beliefs.

Family Script Lettering Guys Small Neck Tattoo Ideas

This is a delicate way of adding the biggest source of inspiration to a meaningful spot on your body. It is a minimalist design done with single needle in black ink.

Feather Male Small Neck Tattoos

This feather tattoo looks delicate on a masculine neck. The feather is considered a powerful symbol that is deeply revered and a sign of high honor. On this piece, the feather details in black and gray provides a great contrast against the skin of the wearer. It is accompanied with a dedication, customizing the design.

Finger With Cigar Cutter Mens Small Side Of Neck Tattoos

This black piece is deeply saturated in black ink, looks sinister with the symbolic placement of the finger on the cutter instead of the cigar which is often associated as part of torture regimen by gangs or mafia.

Glowing Cross Guys Small Side Of Neck Tattoos

The cross, meaningfully placed on the neck encircled with a series of lines in definitive pattern. It is a simple illustration of the cross, darkly shaded and can definitely be recognized and seen from afar. It is often associated with a religious meaning and represent spirituality or to memorialize a tragic loss.

Guys Cobra Snake Small Black And Grey Shaded Neck Tattoo

It’ll definitely take a guy with a huge personality to carry this cobra tattoo on his neck. This is of Japanese tattooing style in black and gray but the inks are deeply saturated that the brilliance of these muted inks bring this snake alive. It is full of details, the scales, the striped under belly, fangs and fork tongue.

Guys Small Neck Sparrow Tattoo Design Ideas

The swallow tattoo has been associated as nautical tattoos often worn by the sailors. This simple illustration design is done black and gray, saturated enough that it will be on this skin permanently.

Japanese Guys Small Neck Tattoo With Black Ink Design

There are absolutely “no limit” when you’re persistent and discipline enough to go after the realization of your goals. A thick black tattoo of these Japanese characters. It is imperative though to ensure the accuracy of characters or symbols when getting tattooed in a different language.

Letter A Mens Small Neck Tattoo Ideas

This minimalist tattoo of letter “A” on the neck of this gentleman looks delicate and finely done.  It is in black ink and the precision in its execution is commendable. “A” as the first letter of the alphabet can mean anything but that’s the beauty of getting a tat. The idea that it can be customized according to you and what you’re willing to do to your body, is one of its highly appealing quality which draws customers to get inked.

Letter D Ornate Mens Small Neck Tattoos

The ornate letter “D” tattoo in black and gray with a few details on the outline. It is simple and shaded single letter tattoo right below the neck. 

Manly Anchor Small Neck Tattoo Ideas For Guys

The anchor tattoo has been gaining popularity for the past few years, even among couples like a his and hers. This neck tattoo looks placed at an angle that it can be viewed well even if it’s situated behind the neck. Subtle enough not to attract unwanted attention, big enough to be recognized right away, and executed with added dimension so it doesn’t look flat.

Mens Japanese Quote Small Neck Tattoos

Mens Neck Anchor Small Tattoo Inspiration

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Old School Traditional Sailing Ship Guys Small Neck Tattoo

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Red Rose Flower Memorial Guys Side Of Neck Small Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Back Of Neck Guys Cross Tattoo Ideas

Shaded Pine Tree Guys Small Back Of Neck Tattoo

Simple Cross On Neck Male Tattoo With Small Design

Small Circular Symbols Guys Back Of Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Male Snowflake Neck Tattoo Designs

Square Black Ink Guys Small Neck Tattoo

Straight Razor Detailed Guys Small Neck Tattoo Designs

Tiny Small Mens Simple Neck Cross Tattoo

Unique Lines Guys Small Tattoo Designs On Front Of Neck

Unique Mens Abstract Back Of Neck Small Tattoos

Wolf With Diamond Small Neck Tattoos For Males

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