Snorlax Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Snorlax Tattoo Designs For Men – Pokemon Ink Ideas

If you’re a self-proclaimed Pokemon master (or just a fan), then you know and love the Snorlax: the oafish, jelly-bodied Pokemon named for its bouts of narcolepsy.

While catching a Snorlax may be challenging, getting this sleep-deprived giant etched on you can serve as motivation.

Even if the Snorlax isn’t your favorite, his vitals are ones that anyone with a beating heart can relate to! The Snorlax, while known only to wake up for meals and occasional social interaction, is not to be slept on. This fierce competitor only looks like the antithesis of ferocious, which makes for a great tattoo idea if you consider yourself to be a quiet storm type of guy.

The Snorlax chills out in mountains and forests, so getting him tatted with some inspired scenery can showcase the intricacies of the character. Gamers often get Pokemon ink to mark a significant catch, adoration or to symbolize sometimes hard to articulate characteristics.

The Snorlax tattoo doesn’t have to be a big tattoo just because of his size — particularly because he is more parts gentle than gruff. And, because of his super simple color and shape, the Snorlax can be as minimalist as you want. Because his peaceful demeanor and appearance are inviting, other “PokeMasters” may catch the desire to get one too.

While some directly relate to the Snorlax’s sense of tranquility and peace, others get it just for his looks. This list showcases some of the best versions to date.


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Snorlax Mens Tattoo Designs

Snorlax Mens Tattoo Ideas

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