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40 Spqr Tattoo Designs For Men – Senātus Populusque Rōmānus Ink Ideas

Long ago in 325 A.D., Roman gladiators were required to wear tattoos or stigmas as they were referred to during this time. Slaves, criminals, and soldiers were also tattooed with identifying marks on their hands, legs, and arms.

Though, never on their faces in order to distinguish them from those of other cultures, regions, or religious affiliations.

Today, the SPQR is still the municipal symbol of Rome, but opting for the tattoo is strictly a choice with vast meanings. Currently, those who get these tattoos are representing their culture or social issues that are still present in the current time period.

When certain people, like slaves, had to be marked in order to be oppressed during that time, it was appreciated by their oppressors. Today, social issues exist throughout the world that most find unfavorable, a reality that makes these tattoos a standpoint against social injustice.

To others, receiving a Senātus Populusque Rōmānus tattoo is a means to affiliate themselves with warrior mentalities and conquering their own battles each day. History buffs may also appreciate these tattoos, while those who enjoy movies and Hollywood depictions of the time think they are cool and appreciate the slightly fabricated meaning behind them.

Aside from being historical in nature and representing unfairness in today’s world, these tattoos symbolize strength, courage, success, toughness, energy, vigor, passion, self-expression, freedom, patriotism, and guidance as well.


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