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Top 101 Star Wars Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For followers of popular culture, there is nothing more compelling than a Star Wars tattoo. This renowned universe is filled with brilliantly captivating icons and worlds to replicate as body art!

Guys can gain deep respect from their peers with riveting Star Wars ink.

The non-human characters are especially ravishing when they are turned into body art. Darth Vader is the most preeminent villain in the series, and his infamous mask boldly captures his evil might. The Stormtrooper is another archetypal symbol of the original trilogy. Perhaps the most thrilling enemy is the bounty hunter Boba Fett.

On the Jedi side, there is plenty of righteous swank revealed by the robotic likenesses of R2D2 and C-3PO. Chewbacca is another cult hit that keeps earning more prominence. Of course, you can’t forget about Yoda either.

Star Wars spaceships also make fantastic tattoos. The Millennium Falcon is luxuriously discerning for Rebels, and followers of the Empire share their fond appreciation of the Death Star. TIE Fighters are innately recognizable vessels, and the same is true of its opposing X-wing Starfighter.

You can use the force of these Star Wars tattoos to amplify your baronial fashion sense with kingly splendor.

1. Star Wars Sleeve Tattoos

Ah, the sleeve. The Grand Master of visually rich tattoos. Star Wars is the epitome of a  visually rich universe – you’re not doing it justice if you don’t go all in. The sleeve allows talented artists to create stinning, lush 3D scenes. Do you want to show off your love of the Empire? Try a combination of black and grey shading with negative space to create a two thirds portrait of Darth Vader. The same techniques can be used to create the space setting: mostly black shading with negative space stars, ships, and the figures most impactful to the franchise.  

If you’re wanting to go in the color direction, try new wave iridescent ink for that proper sci fi outer space look. A colorful space background will make for an attention grabbing sleeve. From there, the subjects are up to you. The amount of room afforded means you can combine iconic imagery such as tie fighters with portraits of your favorite characters, or even an endless supply of Stormtroopers.  

2. Darth Vader Tattoos

Darth Vader. The dark father himself. Is there a more iconic villain in movie history? I doubt it. A memorable bad guy has to be alluring. He can’t be pure evil. He has to be bad but powerful in a way that makes you deny just how much you’d love to be him. I’m willing to bet even the most peace loving among us wouldn’t mind having Darth’s power for a day. He can literally move things with his mind. The best part about Darth Vader is his character arc. From poster child of the dark side to killing the emperor. What a redemption!  

Darth is also really something else visually. We’d all recognize Han with his blaster, Luke with his light saber and Obi Wan in his robe. But nothing – not in the star wars universe or any other film universe for that matter – comes close to how cool Darth Vader looks. He’s huge, encased in sleek black armor, wearing a featureless samurai helmet in space. He even has a cape. There’s no wonder – you’d want to get his likeness in ink.

In terms of tattoo application style, I don’t think you could go past a realistic black and gray rendering, with a splash of neon red for his light saber, either held in his hand or reflected by the shine from his mask.   

3. Star Wars Tattoo Employing Iconic imagery 

Icons are a great call if you’re looking for a small or simple Star Wars tattoo. No franchise in movie history has produced anywhere near the sort of iconic imagery that Star Wars has, with the possible exception of the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and going forward maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The reappearance of the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens was enough to draw audience gasps and cheers. People devote thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours just to build the Lego version. And that is just one of a half dozen iconic Star Wars images that will draw the Galaxy’s admiration when you get them permanently inked onto your skin.

Tie fighters, AT-ATs and lightsabers form the majority, but there are some amazingly cool obscure options, if you don’t want to go along with the crowd. My personal favorite is the little remote droid Luke was training with in A New Hope. If you’re a devoted fan of the Star Wars universe, then you’ll be able to find something unique yet still recognizable.

4. Black and Gray Star Wars Tattoos

Sometimes lovingly referred to as a space opera Star Wars does not lack for melodrama. Close ups of faces filled with emotion are strewn throughout the series, and make for absolute cracking tattoos. Black and gray is the stylish  weapon of choice here, adding extra gravitas, and an underlying seriousness and depth that makes the storyline so powerful.

If you’re wanting a piece that is less whimsical, then black and gray ink is the way to go. Shading allows for ultra realistic portraits. You’ll see every hair and crinkled line on Master Yoda’s face. Black and gray is also a great choice for multi image pieces where the same background is used for various subjects. You also can’t go past negative space light sabers for cool imagery, even without the sound effects.

5. Star Wars Hand Tattoos

The hand is a particularly bold location for a tattoo. No matter the piece it will be on display pretty much 24/7 for the rest of your life. So if you’re going to get a star wars hand tattoo you better be damn sure of your love for the franchise because you’re going to be asked about it pretty much wherever you go. There are a few standout choices here, Darth Vader being the number 1. If you want to go all in get both hands.

The hand allows for some minimalist tattoo action as well if you’re so inclined. The symbols for the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire can be placed semi-discretely on the fingers. Silhouetted helmets of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or storm troopers also work well pared down to small images.  

6. Star Wars Tattoo Fusion

There’s no question: Star Wars is special. You don’t need to be a tattoo person to be inspired to get Star Wars ink. But just in case you are you might want to consider mixing Star Wars themes with some already well established tattoo styles. American Traditional is the obvious. If you want to go a little irreverent use the banners for comedy. A “heartfelt” RIP Porkins comes immediately to mind. Jabba with some Huttese is another pretty good one, or Chewy with NGARRrr 

Neo Traditional is another good call, especially with the rise of baby Yoda. Psychedelic colors makes for eye catching, star laden backgrounds.

On the more serious side Star Wars Iconography melds brilliantly with geometric, minimalist styling. No matter your taste in artwork, there’s a good chance you can make it pop with a well chosen Star Wars theme.  

7. Star Wars Good Guys Tattoos

Part of the appeal of the Star Wars universe is the absolutely unambiguous nature of the good guys and the bad guys. Not that Han didn’t shoot first or that Vader didn’t eventually leave the dark side. There’s nuance within the sides. But not for one second are you left with any doubt of who you want to win.  

Whether it’s the ultimate underdog story in Luke, the rogue turned hero in Han or the undyingly loyal robot friends. The good guys are just so damn easy to get behind it’s a wonder the dark side even exists.  

Stylistically, portraits are the most common. Some opt for black and grey hyper realism some take a more stylized vision, and others go for ink with everything in between. No matter who you want to pay homage to, there’s an effective way to make it into a cool looking tattoo 

8. Bad Guys Star Wars Tattoos

You know, when I’m watching Star Wars I just can’t think of anybody cheering on the Emperor. But that’s only at the time. When I’m caught up in the story, of course I’m on the good guys side. There’s a whole community out there who view the series as nothing more than anti-empire/pro rebel propaganda. They might be joking when they proclaim the Empire did nothing wrong, but there is something deeply alluring about rooting for the bad guys.

In isolation though, the bad guys make GREAT tattoos. Boba Fett and his iconic green armor. The storm trooper who calls Finn, “TRAITOR!”. Darth Maul, The Emperor, and Vader. These are some bad ass dudes that might suit your own style more than a farm boy from Tatooine that one time kissed his sister.

Star Wars Large/Scene Tattoos  

The Star Wars cinematic universe contains an endless variety of iconic elements, memorable characters, and unforgettable scenes. Luke and the binary sunset. A young Obi Wan calling Anakin his brother. The AT-ATs on Hoth. I could go on and on and on.

The point is if you’re going to commit to a Star Wars piece that you’re really pleased with you may have to do it writ large. Scenes are obviously a great choice. Also popular is combining imagery. Think Darth, a tie fighter, the death star and Luke. Putting all your favorites together in one specific tattoo piece is sure to bring you joy for the rest of your life.

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