Summer Leather Jacket For Men

Why Summer Is The Best Season For Men To Own A Leather Jacket

There’s no doubt about it, leather coats are masculine. But one male misconception is that leather should only be reserved for the fall and winter seasons. The truth is, you can comfortably wear a leather jacket in the summer, plus make a wiser investment.

When it comes to leather in the summer, I already know what you are thinking: Hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty. However that’s not always the case; there’s quite numerous ways to stay cool and look cool. Plus, with all the money you’ll be saving, you’re going to be getting a better style at a better price.

Take for instance, leather outerwear when it comes to motorcyclists, it’s always been a top choice. Even when it’s 85 to 90 degrees outside, you’ll often spot gentlemen wearing this second skin on spirited rides. The protection it offers for high-speed encounters with the pavement rivals that of denim and most other cloths.

Now, even if you don’t ride motorcycles, a fine men’s leather jacket still serves a purpose in the summer. Consider that most are made with certain seasons in mind to begin with. Take note of the lining, as some are breathable and thin, while others are quilted and insulated.

But here’s the thing, let’s say you purchase leather in the spring or summer time with a lighter cotton lining. Sure, it’s going to suit you better in a cooler climate, however that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in the fall or winter time too. On cold days, you can pair your jacket with a sweatshirt or knitwear underneath, and enhance your style with layered clothing.

During the summer, a leather jacket can make for a great alternative to a blazer too. If you’ve ever been in an office where your co-workers love to set the air conditioning to brutally cold temperatures, a warm jacket can be invaluable. Yet when it comes to the great outdoors, chances are you’ll find yourself also reaching for something warm after the sun sets and temperatures drop.

No matter how often you wear leather, one thing is certain: It will last for decades, season after season. In fact, you can still get a glimpse of leather garments roman soldiers wore thousands of years ago at museums today.

Speaking of today, I wanted show you how to get the most of your investment when buying a new leather jacket in the summer. The four extraordinary quality pieces by Andrew Marc below, offer premium style at a very respectful price.

I’ve also included one of my personal favorites from their current fashion collection: The Weston jacket, which features a really sharp waxy lamb shell.


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Andrew Marc Bane

Andrew Marc Bane Men's Leather Jacket


Four front pockets make storing your most personal items effortless, while an exceptional outer leather shell makes for a natural sense of style.


Andrew Marc Gage

Andrew Marc Gage Men's Leather Jacket


The polyester and viscose blend add a touch of warmth, while the removable hood elevates functionality and convenience. Knit trim gives the hands freedom, while the supple leather shell provides pure, lush comfort.


Andrew Marc Leo

Andrew Marc Leo Men's Leather Jacket


A refined take on traditional style with a leather shell and cotton body lining. Finely perforated leather details on the Leo jacket offer a stylish escape to cool.


Andrew Marc Weston

Andrew Marc Weston Men's Leather Jacket


Crafted in fine wax lamb with stylish touches including detailed quilted sleeves. The Weston features a cotton interior body lining making it a fine choice for any season.

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