Surrealism Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Surrealism Tattoo Designs For Men – Artistic Ink Ideas

Too realistic to be abstract, yet too ambiguous and inconsistent to make a single coherent impression, surrealism tattoos are a hodgepodge of parts that make up one fantastical creation.

Surrealism is a philosophy manifesting itself as art and described as the juxtaposition of dreams and reality to create the purported super-reality.

It’s liberation from the human mind, a revolution of social views and principles.

Galaxies, repeating patterns, nature or any manner of objects in the place of a human face, the missing face peering out from beetle wings and stone statues, beasts that seem to pull themselves out of the geometric portal of a two dimensional shape, inanimate objects that form animals, the creature that makes up the human and the human that makes up the creature, a distorted view of a scene, normal or otherwise, through a peephole, it is truly the embodiment of anything goes.

Everything is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination. So long as the fragments are placed in a precisely arbitrary display, it’ll come together to form a dreamlike, yet whimsically spectacular illusion — visual poetry at its finest.

Let these surreal tattoos inspire flights of fancy the next time you decide to adorn yourself with ink. You’ll be sure to astonish any onlookers and provoke stimulating mental approaches at the same time.

1. Forearm Surrealism Tattoos

Awesome Forearm Skull Surrealism Tattoos For Men

Gentleman With Outer Forearm Surrealism Tattoo

Outer Forearm Guys Surrealism Tattoos

Male Cool 3d Surrealism Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens Rose Flower Surrealism Tattoo Designs

Neon Lights Surrealism Tattoo Design Ideas For Males


2. Arm Surrealism Tattoos

Surrealism Heart Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Arm Surrealism Mens Tattoo Designs

Geometric Inner Arm Guys Tattoo Ideas Surrealism Designs

Upper Arm Mens Cool Surrealism Tattoo Ideas


3. Sleeve Surrealism Tattoos

Arm Portrait Surrealism Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Full Arm Sleeve 3d Skull Surrealism Tattoos Men

Unique Mens Surrealism Tattoos

Incredible Sleeve Surrealism Tattoos For Men

Surrealism Tattoo Ideas For Males

Guys Surrealism Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Half Sleeve Guys Surrealism Tattoo Designs

Leg Sleeve Sharp Surrealism Male Tattoo Ideas

Sleeve Male Surrealism Tattoo Ideas

Waterfall Tears Sleeve Male Surrealism Tattoo Ideas


4. Chest Surrealism Tattoos

Chest Masculine Surrealism Tattoos For Men

Chest 3d Guys Tattoos With Surrealism Design

Chest Fox Creative Surrealism Tattoos For Men

Mens Surrealism Japanese Snake Demon Chest Tattoo

Upper Chest Distinctive Male Surrealism Tattoo Designs


5. Back Surrealism Tattoos

Chest Black And Grey Mens Surrealism Tattoo Ideas

Full Back 3d Surrealism Tattoo Designs For Guys

Surrealism Violin Skull 3d Full Back Guys Tattoo Ideas


6. Side Surrealism Tattoos

Surrealism Whale Mens Tattoo Ideas On Rib Cage Side Of Body


7. Calf Surrealism Tattoos

Surrealism Tattoo Design On Man

Surrealism Guys Tattoos

Leg Ship Face Surrealism Tattoo On Men

Flames And Ice Leg Calf Surrealism Tattoos Guys


8. Leg Surrealism Tattoos

Surrealism Tattoos For Gentlemen

Mens Tattoo Surrealism Design

Surrealism Male Tattoos

Cool Male Leg Surrealism Tattoo Designs

Leg Calf Surrealism Male Tattoo Designs

Leg Remarkable Surrealism Tattoos For Males

Surrealism Guys Leg Calf 3d Optical Illusion Tattoo Designs

Leg Mens Surrealism Tattoo Design Inspiration


9. Thigh Surrealism Tattoos

Male Surrealism Tattoo Design Inspiration

Cool Surrealism Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Thigh Manly Whiskey Glass Surrealism Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Thigh Lips With Strawberry Tounge Surrealism Tattoos Male

Thigh Mens Tattoo Ideas With Surrealism Design


10. Skull Surrealism Tattoos

Guy With 3d Skull Apple Surrealism Tattoo Design


11. Bicep Surrealism Tattoos

Male With Cool Church Window Surrealism Tattoo Design


12. 3D Surrealism Tattoos

3d Mens Tattoo With Surrealism Design

Male 3d Tattoo With Surrealism Design


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