Tarot Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Tarot Tattoo Designs For Men – Playing Card Ink Ideas

What better of a way to get something interesting inked onto your body than to get Tarot tattoos? People who believe in this form of powerful divination would do well to get themselves a tattoo of one or several of the cards in the Tarot pantheon.

Believe it or not, these cards are used to play card games in much of the European world, while int he English-speaking world, these cards are used to divine information.

Some occultists list Tarot as going back to ancient Egypt or the Kabbalah, but there is not any evidence of Tarot for divination purposes existing before the 18th century. This information is interesting for those trying to learn a little bit more about the Tarot, perhaps before they get it inked on their body.

The Fool card is a perennial favorite of Tarot players and viewers alike, so that could present one opportunity for you. There are plenty of other cards to choose from as well if the fool doesn’t suit you. There is also a King, Queen, Knight, and Jack/Knave. There are many opportunities for something lasting to be left on your skin. Perhaps you can even tattoo multiple cards to signify different points in your life.

Maybe you can tattoo the cards you wish for, or ones that were delivered to you in a divination session. Maybe these would be cards you’re proving true or cards tht you’re actively proving false.

1. Forearm Tarot Tattoos

Outer Forearm Tarot Male Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Strength Lion Card Tarot Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Inner Forearm Death Tarot Guys Tattoo Ideas

Cool Hand Holding Tarot Card Mens Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Remarkable Tarot Tattoos For Males

Guys Tarot Death Card Tattoos On Forearm

Inner Forearm Card Tower Tarot Guys Tattoos

Inner Forearm La Morte Tarot Male Tattoo Designs

Male Tarot Moon Card Old School Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Mens Tarot Dagger With Cup Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Mens Tattoo Tarot Design On Inner Forearm

Outer Forearm Swords Through Heart Card Tarot Tattoos Male

Tarot Tattoo Ideas For Males Outer Forearm

Woodcut Inner Forearm Gentleman With Tarot Tattoo

Arm Card Guys Tarot Tattoo Deisgns

Inner Forearm Tarot Tattoo Designs For Guys


2. Bicep Tarot Tattoos

Colorful Card Inner Arm Bicep Gentlemens Tarot Tattoo Ideas

Arm Guys Tarot Tattoo

Arm Death Card Cool Tarot Tattoo Design Ideas For Male


3. Arm Tarot Tattoos

Upside Down Skeleton With Snake Back Of Arm Awesome Tarot Tattoos For Men

Arm Lamort Skeleton Card Creative Tarot Tattoos For Men

Arm Tarot Tattoos Guys

Death Card Inner Arm Bicep Male With Cool Tarot Tattoo Design

Incredible Tarot Death Card Arm Tattoos For Men

Male Cool Tarot La Morte Card Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Mens Tattoo With Tarot Design On Arm


4. Sleeve Tarot Tattoos

Full Arm Sleeve Tarot Tattoos Men

Amazing Mens Tarot Cards Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Themed Distinctive Male Tarot Tattoo Designs


5. Chest Tarot Tattoos

Guys Tattoos With Tarot Monkey With Ship Wheel Design On Chest

Upper Chest Judgement Card Tarot Tattoo On Men


6. Back Tarot Tattoos

Full Back Themed Tarot Mens Tattoo Ideas


7. Side Tarot Tattoos

Guys Tarot Tattoo Design Ideas On Rib Cage Side

Rib Cage Side Old School Traditional Tarot Tattoo Design On Man


8. Leg Tarot Tattoos

Mens Tarot Tattoo Ideas On Outer Forearm

Lower Leg The Moon Card Male Tarot Tattoo Design Inspiration

Leg Skeleton Tarot Guys Tattoo Designs


9. Calf Tarot Tattoos

Leg Side Tarot Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Skull Geometric Back Of Leg Male Tarot Tattoo Ideas

Guys Back Of Leg Tattoo Ideas Tarot Card The Devil Designs

Leg Tarot Mens Tattoo Designs

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Tarot Design On Leg Calf

Side Of Leg Tarot Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Guy With Tarot Death Card Tattoo Design On Leg

Leg Swords Unique Mens Tarot Tattoos


10. Thigh Tarot Tattoos

Mens Tarot Tattoo Design Ideas On Thighs

Retro Thigh Male Tattoo With Tarot Design

Thigh The Hermit Card Cool Male Tarot Tattoo Designs

Cards Masculine Tarot Tattoos For Men


11. More Tarot Tattoo Ideas

Arm La Lune Card Tarot Male Tattoos

Arm Tarot Tattoos For Gentlemen

La Lune Card Upper Arm Manly Tarot Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Mens Manly Morte Tarot Tattoo Designs On Outer Arm

Mens Tarot Tattoo Design Inspiration On Thigh

The Emperor Back Artistic Male Tarot Tattoo Ideas

Xiii Liberate Card Arm Mens Cool Tarot Tattoo Design Inspiration


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