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Top 71 Texas Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Texas has been associated with all kinds of meanings throughout the years, and some of the symbols associated with that state are still carried within the design. For example, the Texas star is usually associated with a Texas ranger who was brave enough to patrol the wild west outlaws.

Of course, there are symbols of the state itself that usually represent a person’s pride regarding their state and heritage.

This is a more personal type of tattoo because the state could mean all kinds of things to this particular person. It could represent anything from family to statehood pride. The state has officially adopted the nickname, The Lone Star State that has aggressively become a big part of the Texan culture, not to mention tattoos, too.

Of course, some would prefer to adopt another part of the Texan culture that could be called theatrical, though no one can deny its awesomeness, which is the cowboy culture. This can be highlighted with symbols of a lasso, cowboy hat, pistols, or even a bull.

There is no telling just how cool a Texan tattoo can be until enough time and patience is given to the piece, but the possibilities are endless.

1. Texas Longhorn Tattoos 

Show off your love of Texas with a Texas longhorn tattoo. A type of cattle known for its long horns, this animal is one of Texas’ state mammals, along with the nine-banded armadillo. Use its iconic shape to fill with Texas paraphernalia. Go for a more Gothic Georgia O’Keeffe vibe with an artistic skull of a longhorn. The shape of the Texas longhorn makes it a great option for a chest piece, with its head over your heart and its horns extending up your collarbones.

Incorporate the Texas longhorn with other elements such as the shape of the state of the colors of the flag. Or show off your solitary longhorn standing independent as the pride of Texas. With your Texas Longhorn tattoo, you’ll be sure to represent Texas in its most majestic form.  

2. Texas Flag Tattoos 

 A lasting symbol of independence, declare your own with a Texas flag tattoo. The colors of the Texas flag symbolize loyalty (blue), bravery (red), and purity (white), while the lone star represents Texans’ declaration of independence from Mexico. Mix the colors of the flag with the shape of the state or integrate it into a longhorn piece. Or if you prefer to stick to grayscale, the lone star ensures a Texan association with a wink to its black gold.

Another great option is the torn skin technique, which gives your piece a three-dimensional appearance as though the flag is coming through from under the skin. Try as you might, your love of Texas can’t help but burst through the seams. And nothing says I’m a lone star like a Texas flag tattoo.  

3. Texas State Tattoos 

Pay homage to your favorite state with a Texas state tattoo. Illustrate the state as a small emblem. Pay tribute to how everything is bigger in Texas with a chest or back piece. Talk to your artist about different styles and techniques to try.

Give the piece depth by making it look as though it was carved in or make the skin ripple and crack around it. Leave the space inside unblemished for a simple look or fill it in with your favorite Texan symbols. Include your love for the Dallas Cowboys. Throw some Texas Spurs into the design if your Texas state tattoo is on your ankle. Whether on your wrist or over your heart, keep the spirit of Texas close. 

4. Abstract Texas Tattoos 

For something with an air of subtlety try out an abstract Texas Tattoo. Weave the colors of the flag together with another visual piece, or decorate a T for Texas. Drop in a Texan motto or represent the Texan soul. Incorporate the shape of the Texan state with illustrative qualities. Tie in some bluebonnets as a wink to the state flower. Throw in a cowboy hat or a gun!

Texans have always been a rebellious bunch so don’t feel compelled to stick to traditional representations. The independent spirit of Texas means that you have free reigns to find whatever piece symbolizes your personal passion for Texas. 

5. Negative Space Texas Tattoos 

Celebrate the wide open spaces of Texas with a negative space Texas tattoo. Adorn the outer edges of the state to reveal your devotion to Texas through the unblemished space. Blend together words and images to reveal multiple layers of Texan pride. Another neat idea is to use the imagery of a cattle brand, which often uses negative space to create their images, and brand yourself as a Texan for life.

The open spaces of Texas also means there’s a lot of elbow room so try growing your Texas tattoo from around the unblemished space of your elbow. This is a particularly great way to incorporate your elbow into your sleeve without worrying about distortions. Experiment with different designs to find the one that best fits your Texan brand.

6. Alamo Texas Tattoos 

Remember the Alamo with an Alamo Texas tattoo. Mission San Antonio de Valero’s simple facade is one of the most archetypal representations of the Battle of the Alamo, a decisive battle towards Texan independence. You can incorporate contemporary images, or in true lone star fashion let Texan history speak for itself.

This is a great option for those who might want a more artistic piece. Since the building itself is white/cream-colored, grey and black ink are the best options for an illustrative feel that reveals all the cracks and crannies of the immemorial building. Pay your respects to the independent nature of Texas with one of the most historic representations of Texan liberty.  

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