Thorn Tattoos For Men

50 Thorn Tattoos For Men – Sharp Design Ideas

Thorn tattoo designs carry different meanings for different people. Some associate thorns with the intertwinement of beauty and pain, the poetic reminder that “every rose has its thorn.”

Others associate thorns with honor and sacrifice, the heavy crown worn by those dedicated to absolving the sins of others through their own undertaking.

Like all tattoos, the reason one may choose a thorn tattoo is highly personal, but the result is seldom anything less than breathtaking. Due to their versatility and personalized appeal, thorn tattoos have earned their place among the most sought after tattoos.

Employed as armbands or laced around the ankle, your own thorn tattoo can be inked in black, gray, or a variety of colors that appeal to your personal style.

The same can be said for the actual tattoo design, with some preferring their thorn tattoos to resemble trailing vines, while others opt for a spikier, barbed wire-like effect. Tattoo thorns can surround and embrace crosses, hearts, or personally significant emblems; conversely, they can stand alone as raw reminders of the glorious ties that bind us to equal parts pain and pleasure.

1. Forearm Thorn Tattoos

3d Mens Heart Thorns Forearm Tattoo

Armband Guys King Crown With Thorns Inner Forearm Tattoo

Female Portrait With Thorns Mens Religious White Ink Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Heart With Thorns Guys Creative Forearm Tattoos

Mens Dagger With Skull And Thorns Unique Inner Forearm Tattoos

Old School Vintage Guys Thorns Tattoo Design On Forearm

Red Rose With Thorns Mens Realistic 3d Inner Forearm Tattoo

Jesus With Crown Of Thorns And Melting Candle Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo


2. Bicep Thorn Tattoos

Armband Thorns Male Tattoo Design Ideas

Amazing 3d Thorns Sacred Heart Guys Masculine Tattoo On Inner Arm Bicep

Masculine Thorns And Brass Knuckles Mens Outer Arm Bicep Tattoo


3. Arm Thorn Tattoos

Angel Wing With Crown Of Thorns Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Black And Grey Shaded Skull With Crown Of Thorns Mens Arm Tattoos

Gentleman With 3d Tattoo Of Thorns And Skull Arm Upper Arm

Hand Holding Rosary With Thorns Guys Arm Shaded Tattoo Design Ideas

Manly Warrior Skull Thorns Mens Arm Tattoos


4. Sleeve Thorn Tattoos

Amazing Mens 3d Realistic Jesus With Crown Of Thorns Half Sleeve Tattoos

Full Sleeve Mens Thorns Eye With Sky Tattoos

Manly 3d Realistic Skull With Thorns Guys Full Sleeve Tattoos

Portrait Of Jesus Wearing Crown Of Thorns Guys Heavily Shaded Half Sleeve Tattoos

Skull Roses And Thorns Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal Guys Negative Space Thorns Themed Full Sleeve Tattoos


5. Wrist Thorn Tattoos

Mens Retro Thorns Shaded Wristband Tattoos

Wristband Male Thorns Tattoo


6. Chest Thorn Tattoos

Awesome Sacred Heart Upper Chest And Shoulder Male Thorns Tattoo

Religious Thorn Cross Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Skull With King Crown And Thorns Male Full Chest Tattoo Ideas


7. Back Thorn Tattoos

Amazing 3d Realistic Portrait With Thorns And Crosses Mens Full Back Tattoos

Guys Crown Of Thorns Circular Upper Back Tattoos

Guys Skull With Thorns And Chess Board 3d Full Back Tattoos

Tribal Thorns Mens Around The Neck Tattoo With Tribal Design


8. Nape Thorn Tattoos

Sacred Heart With Thorns Mens Back Of Neck Tattoos


9. Side Thorn Tattoos

Mens Rib Cage Side 3d Wood Cross With Thorns Tattoo


10. Leg Thorn Tattoos

Armband Mens 3d Thorns Tattoo Ideas

Old School Skull With Crown Of Thorns Guys Thigh Tattoo

11. Calf Thorn Tattoos

Black Ink Thorns Batman Symbol Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Guys Thorns Jesus With Mother Mary Leg Tattoo

Dna Helix Rose Thorns Mens 3d Leg Tattoos


12. Shoulder Thorn Tattoos

Guys Shoulder Crown Of Thorns Old School Black And Grey Tattoos


13. Shin Thorn Tattoos

Eye With Thorns Ornate Mens Shin Tattoo Ideas


14. Hand Thorn Tattoos

Guys Jesus Portrait With Thorns Hand Tattoo

Nails And Thorns Mens Hand Tattoos


15. Elbow Thorn Tattoos

Geometric Flower Thorns Guys Elbow Tattoos


16. Palm Thorn Tattoos

Old School Guys Palm Crown Of Thorns Black Ink Outline Tattoo


17. 3D Thorn Tattoos

Rose Flower With Thorns Mens 3d Upper Chest Tattoos


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