Toast Tattoo Ideas For Men

30 Toast Tattoo Ideas For Men – Sliced Designs

“Dry as toast” may not be the laconic insult many take it to be.

Many an early riser will happily read the news over a cup of coffee and plate of toast.

A table staple since time immemorial, toast is that practical, no-frills breakfast companion whose contribution to the dining spread is all but irreplaceable.

We tend to ink certain foods on our skin that represent a facet of our personality that couldn’t be expressed otherwise. The toast tattoo may seem like dull ink fodder compared to, say, a flaming skull or biker logo, but hey, some of us don’t need to embellish our badassery–in fact, we may just need a break from it with some good old fashioned comfort food.

Your slice of toast tattoo is a little bit of that breakfast nook serenity we all deserve to start our day in the nurturing confines of. No matter the scope or scale of your creation, your toast tattoo is your reassurance to the world that the little semblances of stability are still very much in place.

Clearly, you’re not a man of extravagant tastes or unrealistic values. You work hard and savor the varying joys that life provides on a daily basis, provided one knows how to recognize them. A perfectly browned piece of toast or yacht in the Mediterranean–both are the same to you. And that is the ultimate definition of a badass.

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Toast Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Toast Tattoo Designs For Men

Toast Tattoo Ideas For Men

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Toast Tattoos For Men

Toast Themed Tattoo Ideas For Men

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