Top 16 Best Cool Backpacks For Men

Top 14 Best Cool Backpacks For Men

For truly savvy fashion kings, backpacks represent a vital intersection between functionality and expression; as such, no ordinary sack will do!

Because a lot of character is conveyed by a guy’s bag preference, you will want to make your pick carefully.

In fact, others can often tell the measure of a man just by his backpack.

From an aesthetic standpoint, these accessories show off what you really value.

To make sure our readers only don the finest selections, we have compiled the top 16 best coolest backpacks for men on the market!

Best Cool Backpacks For Men

1. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack, Black, One SizeBUY IT HERE
What if a backpack literally had everything? As it turns out, Oakley made one that does! This gloriously gigantic bag garners grand gravitas for any guy on the go. It is oversized in every sense of the word, but there is not a superfluous element involved. This inimitable knapsack is customarily outfitted with a sliding compartment for computer storage. Meanwhile, the mesh optic panel keeps necessities visible at all times! With a mix of nylon and polyester, this daringly sublime wardrobe enhancement includes a cozy muscle compression mechanism for easy lifting!


2. Swiss Gear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

SWISSGEAR Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack Black/BlackBUY IT HERE 
To live in illustrious infamy, the smoothest sultans of style stand by Swiss Gear. Their revolutionary ScanSmart features are easily eliminating the security ordeals involved with air travel. Pocket placement is particularly perfect within this design, and the fabric’s professional fortification foments a fervor for endurance. On the inside, there are various tantalizing amenities that are all refreshingly modern. These enigmatic extras include a system for backwards airflow circulation alongside safety checkpoint automation. For a super-charged social standing, all it takes is the personal pizzazz of a proper pouch!


3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Slim Colombian Leather TSA Checkpoint-Friendly 16" Laptop & Tablet Travel Business Backpack, BrownBUY IT HERE
Kenneth Cole recently unveiled a distinguished duffel delight, and its compelling Colombian leather is downright captivating. Onlookers will admire this backpack from afar, and a few fine strangers may get closer for a personal inspection. With an automatic incorporation of TSA guidelines, this carry-on deploys EZ-scan technology to eliminate the wait for boarding. Therefore, this leather lifeline may be the best bag for lads that frequently go through airport security. The interior is equipped with a full lining to keep a guy’s goods in great shape non-stop!


4. Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Men’s Backpack

Herschel Heritage Backpack-BlackBUY IT HERE 
With this wonderfully down-to-earth choice from Herschel Supply Co., you will have the key to being an esteemed esquire at hand. The sentimental shade of sky blue is distinctively male, especially when considering its calming crosshatching. For the electronic era, this polyester powerhouse possesses an enforced laptop enclosure alongside sturdy mobile gadget protectors. The zipper straps are adorned with respectable red leather straps, and the winsome white accents win plenty of praise. This no-frills look embodies humble attitudes and a manly repose. Care-free has never looked so sexy!


5. David King & Co. Backpack

David King & Co. Backpack, Tan, One SizeBUY IT HERE
For confident men who prefer sophisticated simplicity, there is no better backpack than this exalted leather masterpiece by Dave King & Company. This authentic swag is great for quietly commanding respect. With exceptionally comfortable straps, its conveniently compact nature combines with a supremely charmed exterior to usher preeminent impeccability. The inner compartments are sectioned off for the meticulous needs of an extremely organized gentleman. The radiantly warm tawny finish is timelessly professional, and the minimalistic appeal can slyly perform casual purposes too!


6. Tom Clover’s Men’s Leather Convertible Backpack

If other carrying cases are just not manly enough for you, then maybe it’s time to look into the ruggedly dynamic prowess of Tom Clovers. With unrivaled flexibility, you can summon a modest metropolitan look for any honorable occasion. With an enlightened triple strap design, this beast of a bag is three backpacks at once! Active men who regularly partake in rigorous commutes will want this one most. The powerfully pronounced layout garners extraordinary compartmentalization; plus, the classic exterior is suavely suited for business meetings and romantic settings!


7. Marc By Marc Jabobs The Ultimate Men’s Backpack 

For a seductively social spark, debonair multi-taskers go with this extravagantly modern Marc by Marc backpack. The smooth nylon surface musters a marvelously majestic mystique for any relaxed affair. The 21st century gentleman has all of his essentials effortlessly stowed away within this bag’s ingenious architecture. Documents are kept safe in a specially sealed section, and additional zip pouches can be designated for practically anything. The macho presentation actually conceals a technologically conscious mindset. In fact, the padded laptop compartment is a prime focal point of this accessory.


8. Tumi Alpha Bravo Day Knox Backpack 

Backpack manufacturers are always inventing ways to add more features, but Tumi must be trying harder than everyone else. As this dashing nylon unit demonstrates, their vertically oriented designs specifically cater to men of prominent statures. Luckily, you don’t need extra height to appreciate this benevolent bag’s expansive roominess. The Alpha Bravo Day Knox is filled to the brim with luxurious divisions. Bewildered students will marvel at their newly discovered sorting talents. Thanks to an abundance of intuitive add-ons, this supreme sack sends the stalwart signal of a self-possessed stud!


9. Saddleback Leather Co. Simple Leather Backpack

Intrepid connoisseurs will be dauntless in their pursuit of seriously hefty equipment, especially when it comes to finding a reliable backpack. For them, price is not a factor. To fulfill rustic worldly whims, newfangled designs are completely eschewed for the old-fashioned gold-standard. The entire assembly line is completely traditional! With its renowned roots and original structure, all other bags seem to fall by the wayside. There is no reason to replace the time-tested techniques of knapsack extravagance. To be honest, true man-bag aficionados always skedaddle back to Saddleback!


10. Fossil Ledger Leather Men’s Backpack

Fossil Men's Leather Estate BackpackBUY IT HERE 
To blend in with all walks of life, renaissance romantics rely on this vessel’s veritable faux vintage veneer. The classy cognac coloration is highly civilized. With a boldly reserved demeanor, this design is great for the gallant and gruff alike. If you prefer practicality, then this profoundly refined piece of attire is sure to pique your interest. The imported bag is practically a piece of art, and it expands like an accordion to make significant room! With the finesse of Fossil, anything is possible!


11. V7 Notebook And Laptop Backpack 

Guys with indefatigable spirits must own backpacks that are equally indestructible. For these men of eternal stamina, V7’s superiority cannot be questioned. These devilishly dynamic designs don’t hold anything back. The emboldening bag is equipped to hold any tablet securely, and it discreetly contains a cushy enclosure for widescreen computers. This sleek work of brilliance features impenetrable durability, and its surface is meant to withstand all types of weather. A multitude of handles makes it unexpectedly adaptable, and it has clever austere access points installed for water bottles and headphones!


12. The North Face Jester Backpack 

With gritty outdoor gumption and signature dependability, North Face certainly knows how to make a big man feel special. This brand takes excellence out of this world with Jester! For example, the stellar double-zipped structure contains a detachable hip belt alongside an adjustable sternum strap. Furthermore, uncanny adventurers will benefit from the built-in whistle! To accommodate all body types, the adjustable straps feature cutting-edge plush technology. The back padding is intricately stitched with layers of advanced resistance foam, and FlexVent has been injected for superb softness!


13. Dakine Mission Backpack 

Let’s face it: Some men live in much manlier conditions than others. Their brutishly cold environments would be off-limits without the benevolence of a Dakine Mission Backpack. With indomitable craftsmanship, this brand reigns supreme in rural regions. For snowboarders, this premium polyester bag is number one! Brisk temperatures will be kept at bay, so today’s savvy mountain gentlemen can stay warm and focus on finer things. This attire is equipped with 9 zippered off areas, so your gear will stay ultra dry all winter.


14. 3V Gear Velox II Tactical Backpack

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Assault BackpackBUY IT HERE 
3V Gear has fundamentally altered the core nature of portable storage with their infamous Velox II release. Once it hit the market, this backpack became a sensational hit. A substantial amount their of success stems from industrial origins overseas. Ultimately, the other manufacturers on this list are great for civilians, but military personnel may need heavier duty equipment. Guys deserve to brag about their man bag! With this virtuous addition in your closet, bystanders won’t ever run out of praise!


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