Top 15 Best Wallets For Men

Top 15 Best Wallets For Men

If you’re out on a date or simply picking up the tab at a company dinner, pulling out a wallet that’s worn down and coming apart isn’t going to make the right impression. It’s certainly one thing to have a sense of style reflected through your wallet, but it’s quite another to have to fumble around just to keep it together. After years of resting in your back pocket, chances are your wallet is going to be looking pretty rough. And not just in the sense of it being cracked or worn out, as most men will often turn their wallets into these massive unorganized collections of old receipts, ticket stubs, and gift cards.

When you’re ready to ditch your old wallet for a new one, and start over by only carrying the essentials again, the first thing that you may ask yourself is: what is the best wallet for men? Now, there’s a ton of different men’s wallets there, each with their own unique designs and materials, but when it comes down discovering the top and best wallets for men, it means finding ones that are rugged, lightweight, and functional.

The best men’s wallet should give you assurance that your belongings will be kept safe, plus help you to stop losing things so often. And when you’re carrying important things like cash, credit cards, and your driver’s license on a daily basis, securing your items with a well-crafted wallet should be a top priority.

In return, we’ve put together our collection of the top 15 best wallets for men, with each featuring a variety of sizes, colors, materials and functionality. From the ultra-slim to the traditional thickness, you’re bound to find something you like.

Best Wallets For Men

1. Hard Graft Men’s Bi-Fold Heritage Wallet

Hard Graft Men’s Bi-Fold Heritage Wallet

Hard Graft Bi-Fold Heritage Men's Wallet

Hard Graft Bi-Fold Heritage Wallet For Men

Hard Graft combines wool felt and premium vegetable tanned leather to produce one of the most masculine designs in terms of men’s wallets. They have a handful of different styles to choose from, but our personal favorite is their Bi-fold Heritage Wallet. It can house up to six card cards plus it fits universally any type of currency you can imagine inside.

At 3.5 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, and 0.6 inches thick, it’s considerably among the lighter bi-fold wallet on the market, which does make it more attractive. Plus the construction has been well-thought out and the craftsmanship is near perfection. The price tag matches this quality so you really do get what you pay for. But in this case, I think Hard Graft really does go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, because the Bi-Fold Heritage Wallet will certainly make you rethink what it really means to own a quality men’s wallet.


2. J. Fold Slimfold Roaster Wallets

Kenneth Cole New York Pagietta Leather Men’s Passcase

Established in 2003 J. Fold has been tailoring their men’s products to revolve around the lifestyles of men. Their creative focus and inspiration comes from things such as vintage car design and industrial design among other things. In return, their Slimfold Roaster wallet features a sport and athletic-like appearance which fits the profile of any man.

It’s sleek, simple, and modern with two white racing stripes running the down the left-side of the wallet. The Roaster is also available in your choice of black, cobalt, or olive top-grain leather which gives these white strips an even better aesthetic contrast.

On the inside it has ample room for up to eight credit cards, plus features a slot to fit your stack of bills comfortably snug. And speaking of comfortable, it’s perfect for the back pocket with a more common size of 3.5 by 4.4 inches, and a thickness of 0.5 inches.



3. Kenneth Cole New York Pagietta Leather Men’s Passcase

Waskerd Dupont 2-Pocket Slim Wallet For Men

One of the best features about the Kenneth Cole Pagietta Passcase is that it has a unique appearance thanks to the grey crosshatched textured leather. It will compliment nearly any outfit you plan on wearing, including both casual jeans, formal wear, and business attire. Plus with six card slots available there’s plenty of room to take along a handful of credit or gift cards for the night.

On the interior, it’s quite refined and more or less a simplistic approach to help keep you organized and your wallet free of clutter. The bill compartment neatly stores your cash, and the wallet’s construction will let you securely tuck everything into place. With all this space it’s considerably similar to the average size wallet on the market with dimensions of 4.25” wide, 3.5” tall, and 8.5” wide while opened. However while it’s certainly not the thinnest men’s wallet out there, it does fit in your pants pocket with ease.


4. Waskerd Dupont 2-Pocket Slim Wallet

Corter Leather Travel Wallet For Men

If you’re looking for slim and aren’t a fan of bulky or thick men’s wallets, then the Waskered Dupon 2-Pocket Slim wallet is ideal. It’s built for the simple man in mind who prefers to carry the essentials along on, and stay on the light side. It can store up to eight bills and four cards while still retaining strength and pocket comfort. Reinforced stitching and a handmade construction that’s made in America also means you’ll get a product that will last for a long time.

As far as the dimensions go, it’s around 3” by 4” with a thickness of 0.3”, which makes it very smooth and quick to pull out of either your front or back pockets. To match your style it comes with a sophisticated look that’s toned downed to be more natural, yet appealing with white outer stitching. And while every Waskered Dupon 2-Pocket Slim Wallet features this unique stitching, you can however elect to choose your favorite leather color with options such as black, brown and red available.



5. Corter Leather Travel Wallet For Men

Do you love to travel around the globe? If so it doesn’t get any better than the Corter Leather travel wallet for men. Built to keep your personal belongings safe while on route, it features a passport sized compartment. You’ll be able to fit boarding passes comfortably inside, in addition two credit cards.

For the design it comes in your choice of Natural, Saddle Tan, Blood Red, Navy and Black leather colors. Each hand-crafted Corter Leather Travel Wallet also features painted and waxed edges. There’s also a cast iron split ring on the right-hand edge of the wallet which makes it incredibly easy to slide out of your pocket. And to put it all together, you’ll find a solid brass snap to secure your precious cargo. This piece is rust proof and sourced by Scovill in Georgia, USA.


6. Makr Iphone 5 Card Sleeve

Men's Makr Iphone 5 Card Sleeve

Even if you’re not a fan of carrying around a wallet, you can still keep your gear organized with the sleek Makr iPhone 5 Card Sleeve. It has a single exterior card pocket, which of course will only fit a few cards and bills at once, but it does give you an option. Chances are if you’re like most smart phone owners you’re going to need a case regardless to protect it.

The Markr case is certainly just as compact as everything else you’ll find out there, but the single outer pocket does give it an advantage. It serves two purposes in one, as it keeps your phone safe, plus your cash and credit cards, all without requiring you to lug around item in your pocket.

Not to mention the outer red, brown and tan leather is exceptionally sophisticated, and can add a serious boost to your style.


7. Boss Hugo Boss Sariko Men’s Wallet

Boss Hugo Boss Sariko Men’s Wallets

The Hugo Boss Sariko wallet features a refined design that goes along the lines of the more traditional men’s billfold style. The classic look is masculine with sleek light beige leather and a faintly noticeable outer stitching. And while the design does make it a tad bit thicker than most, it’s still considerable comfortable to walk around with.

The dimensions for the Sariko wallet are reasonable at 4 ¼” W, 3 ¼” H, and ¾” D.
Additionally, you can fit up to six credit cards inside along with the standard currency pocket. Plus there are two slip pockets to store receipts, ticket stubs, and whatever else you want to hang onto.


8. J. Fold Altrus Card Case

J. Fold Altrus Card Case For Men

With the J. Fold Altrus Card Case you can bring everything along without having to carry around any of the excess bulk. The slim size at 4” W, 3” H, and ¼” D, makes it ideal if you prefer to keep your pocket on the lighter side. But even while it may be smaller you can still fit a lot inside thanks to three card slots and an ID window. It’s perfect for when you go out for the night with only a credit card, driver’s license and cash on hand.

The design of the J. Fold Altrus Card Case is masculine thanks to the combination of tan and brown leather. The outer stitching is reversed among each leather color to create a subtle, but interesting contrast. On the front side you’ll find the J Fold logo is pressed into the leather, while a dot design gives it some notable character.


9. Wurkin Stuffs RFID Blocking Wallet

Protect yourself and your pocket from credit card thieves all while doing it in style. The Wurkin Stuffs RFID Blocking Wallet blocks any transmitted signals to help keep your sensitive financial and personal data safe and secure. And even though it serves a dual purpose consider it’s a wallet to begin with, it certainly hasn’t affected the design.

The ultra-thin alloy matrix is bonded in between the embossed Italian calfskin leather, and yet it still retains a thickness of only 3/8 inches. As far as the width and height go, it’s 4 inches by 5 ¼ inches, which does give you plenty of room to work with. The interior has four card slots in a unique diagonal pattern, plus these areas flex quite well to accommodate even more cards. In addition to the card pockets, there’s also a deep cash pocket and two slip pockets.

For the design, Wurkin Stuffs has done an exceptional job to really make this into a bold yet simplistic wallet. You’ll find there are a few color choices available; however each one only changes the color of the stripe. At the core is black Italian-calfskin leather, but you can make it more personable to match your favorite color with options such as green, red, blue and even black on black available.


10. Men’s Salvatore Ferragamo Gamma Bi-Fold Wallet

Men’s Salvatore Ferragamo Gamma Bi-Fold Wallet

While the Salvatore Ferragamo Gamma does come with a higher price tag, it’s the epitome of what a luxury men’s wallet should be. With rich Italian crafted leather it exudes a sophisticated style that’s sure to impress anyone around you. And as you reach to pull this wallet out of your pocket, you’ll come to appreciate its respectable size at 4 ½” in width and 3 ½” in height.

On the outside there’s darker brown leather that’s stamped with the signature gamma pattern to give it a bold appearance. A lighter brown stripe also runs across the bottom with the Salvatore Ferragamo logo pressed inside. The stitching is hard to spot and blends in quite well, giving it the impression of a rugged, yet refined fashionable style.


11. Bally Leather Bifold Wallet

Bally Leather Bifold Men's Wallets Bilfolds

The Bally Leather Bifold Wallet comes in a hefty price point, but it a wallet that you’re going to love for years down the road. The Bally brand has always held a long standing tradition of making phenomenal men’s accessories, and their reputation for quality is notably apparent in every product they make. Not to mention so is the design, as this wallet looks simply said, fantastic.

The genuine leather available in chocolate brown and black takes on the classic appearance of the billfold, while the contrasting middle stripe adds a touch of modern. With the chocolate version there’s a pronounced and bold red and white strip running across the middle to draw the eye in. On the black version, it’s more refined with a black and white stripe to tone things down quite a bit. So if you’re a fan of standing out in terms of your fashion, the red and chocolate brown are going to be your best pick.

As far as size goes it’s among the standard sizes on the market, yet what this means is you will also have a lot of room to work with. It’s built to house eight credit cards, cash, and any other miscellaneous items thanks to the two slip pockets. At 4.3” in width and 4” in height, it’s not too large or too small; instead it fits right in your pants in a comfortable manner.


12. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

With a comparable height similar to most men’s wallets, the Bellroy Note Sleeve does offer an advantage thanks to its slim design. It’s made with convenience in mind and allows for super quick access on demand. The pocket-friendly design features smooth vegetable-tanned leather in colors of tan, black, blue and brown, plus it slides right in and out of your pant pockets with ease.

Although on the slimmer side, there’s a fair amount of space on the interior to store up to three cards and cash. You can double the use of the currency pocket due to its vertical design to keep business cards and other paper notes inside.


13. Ted Baker London Edge Paint Bifold Wallet

Arriving with a handful of leather colors, this wallet gives you the option to personalize it to your own liking. Our favorite is the tan and red combination, however if you’re set on eye appeal the chocolate and blue does stand out quite well. And as the name states, “Edge Paint” the description couldn’t get any better.

Yet aside from simply the outer appearance on the inside there’s a removable card case on the back to make things easy. And without having to unfold the wallet, reaching for your most important items is a breeze. There are also eight card slots and a well-designed cash pocket to house everything securely. Of course even though it’s a loose fitting wallet, it does seem to hold everything into place quite well.


14. Gucci Bi-Fold Wallet

Men's Gucci Bi-Fold Wallet

This wallet for men is incredibly popular thanks to its distinctive design. In fact, some retailers even have restrictions on how many you can purchase within a certain timeframe. Yet it makes sense considering that the famous Gucci pattern print is easily recognized around the world as one of the standard symbols for luxury.

Made in Italy, the Guccissima leather feels soft to the touch, while the green and greed stripe gives your fingers an ample amount of grip to hang onto. On the inside this wallet will secure up to six cards, plus it features two bill compartments.


15. Salvatore Ferragamo Revival Bifold Wallet

If you prefer adding a splash of color to your outfit through accessories, then the Revival Bifold Wallet will do an excellent job. Available in copper and orange, no matter what color your elect to go with one thing for certain is it’s going to get attention. The stamped calfskin is bold, while the multi-colored interior is more relaxed. The slip pockets and six card slots in white and blue with tan trim, create contrast and an overall masculine style.

It will put a dent in your wallet, assuming you already have one, but on the other hand it is made in Italy. Unlike many other men’s wallets you see at department stores, this one does a great job at standing out. It’s creative, fun and if that’s what suits your personal take on things, it’s certainly of the best choices out there.

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