Top 9 Best Shaving Kits For Men

Top 9 Best Shaving Kits For Men – Change The Way You Shave Forever

It’s time to reinvent the way you shave. Toss aside your twenty blade razor and irrigating plops of shaving cream, things are about to get exceptionally invigorating for your face.

When it comes to men’s skin care, most men turn jolt to the supermarket to stock their bathrooms. Big mistake! With a little effort, the right grooming products can take you from feeling your worst to looking your best.
Below, I’ve put together an excellent collection of the top 9 best shaving kits for men. Each features a unique set of top-notch soaps, aftershaves, razors, stands, badger brushes, mugs and creams.
Now, if you wanted to go out and purchase these individually, you could; however, they make for excellent time savers. Plus, if you’re just getting started and aren’t sure where to look or what to buy, here’s your answer.
In no time, you’ll start shaving like a pro. Say goodbye to razor burn, ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts, and that awful irritation every morning. Remember, the true price you pay is the tax on your face every single morning. Treat it well, invest in the wellness of your skin.

Best Shaving Kits For Men

1. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shaving Kit

Van Der Hagen Luxury Traditional Shaving Kit
The Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shaving Set is an introductory all-in-one Kit to enter the world of traditional shaving. There’s a reason men are turning back to the old ways when it comes to grooming. You will get a fresher, cleaner closer shave, plus you will experience a better way start to off your day. Shaving experts always say to look for a badger-hair brush, and truth be told, their right. This brush is 100% badger hair which makes the shaving routine exceptional.
The shaving soap is 100% hypoallergenic and works up to an amazing, satisfying lather. Most men find the fragrance masculine even though it is a bit floral and fresh. The traditional shaving cup is a durable ceramic design, impervious to staining or marring, and incredibly easy to clean afterward.
The entire set hangs together on the included stand, with a dedicated spot for every item. No disorganized searching to find your shaving equipment ever again!


2. Edwin Jagger Horn And Nickel Shaving Kit

Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn and Nickel Shaving Set, Brown/Cream
For the heightened feeling of a carefully maintained antique shaving kit, give this Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn and Nickel Shaving Set a try. Created by shaving exceptionalists Edwin Jagger, the set recreates a classic English shaving set using a simulated polymer horn and nickel plating.
The style of the originals, but incredibly durable, rugged and long-lasting. To create the perfect lather, this kit includes a 100% badger hair brush. The same type of brush used for centuries in creating a traditional wet shave. Finally, the razor itself may look old fashioned, but it sports a top-of-the-line Gillette Mach3 blade for getting as close to your face as possible.


3. Baxter Of California 123 Shaving Kit

Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 Kit
For a no-hassles shave the traditional wet way, without any extra complications to get through, Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 Kit has exactly what you need. Wake up to a deluxe spa experience every morning, filled with energy for tackling every problem in your day without breaking a sweat.
You get a refreshing, comforting shaving cream. And the highest quality of badger hair brush to apply it precisely and professionally to all the places on your face. And then to send your clean face on its way for the day there is an aftershave balm. Lather up and shave exactly the same way men have done it for centuries, and you’ll wonder why things ever changed.


4. Parker 71R Safety Razor Shaving Set

Parker Safety Razor, Men's 71R Safety Razor Shave Set - Includes Deluxe Pure Badger Brush, Chrome Stand & Parker 71R Double Edge Razor
To enjoy a traditional wet shave, away from all the disposable plastic junk, first you need to find the right razor. The Parker 71R Safety Razor Shave Set gives you a sharp, long-lasting tool to start your shave right, along with plenty of other must-haves for the perfect shave. Unlike the typical plastic of the modern world, the Parker Razor was made to produce consistent results use after use after use.
A brass frame gives it antique looks, with the three-piece head offers you the best shaving technology of today. Needless to say, it will last the test of time. You also get an extremely soft, extremely dense 100% badger bristle brush for lathering up your shaving cream to a luxurious finish.
Finally, a stand holds both pieces in a stylish way, suitable for display on your bathroom countertop away from the mish-mash of toiletries in your drawer.


5. Baxter Of California Double Edge Safety Razor Set

Baxter of California Safety Razor Set for Men | Includes Safety Razor and Shave Brush
Many Shave Sets try so hard for the “retro” look that they end up looking like museum pieces instead of real working equipment you need to be able to use every day. The Baxter of California Double Edge Safety Razor Set doesn’t look old, it looks brand new and 100% high glass. Razor and Brush handles are matching brass and nickel-plated, then finished in a durable chrome for bright, clean looks throughout your shaving life.
The Double Edge Safety Razor uses the best technology of the 21st century to get as close to your face as possible without a prick. Evenly spread the luxurious shaving cream, create a rich lather, lift your facial hair and cut with incredible efficiency. Traditional wet shaving at its best, and you will feel the difference throughout the rest of your day.


6. Anthony Logistics For Men The Perfect Shave Kit

The Perfect Shave Kit by Anthony Logistics For Men is a shaving Kit plus healing relief for shaving-related issues. For sensitive skin or a challenging face with plenty of 3-dimensional imperfections, help is included to rehabilitate your face into the best shape possible. Glycolic Facial Cleanser helps remove built-up dirt and oil to produce the cleanest canvas to start your shaving experience.
Pre-Shave Oil is a nourishing treatment for your skin to replace depleted natural skin oils. The included Shaving Cream creates a luxurious, frothy lather. Finally, your shaven face gets to enjoy an electrifying after shave balm to send you out of the house wide-eyed and ready for anything. The entire kit packs into an included Dopp Bag for easy organization and worry-free transport during your next jet-set travel assignment.

7. Baxter Of California Shavers Skincare Kit

Before shaving your face, it’s best to make sure you have a totally clean surface to start your masterpiece. Baxter of California Shaver’s Skincare Kit cleans and nurtures your face, conditioning your hair and getting you ready to enjoy the experience. To banish dirt and oil, the kit starts with a men’s face wash, followed by a rugged facial scrub.
After you’ve fully awoken, you can switch to the shaving cream to create a rich, luxurious lather. Shave your face and close the experience with an incredibly energizing after shave balm. A true all-in-one grooming kit to cover all the parts of your daily routine.


8. Menscience Androceuticals Advanced Shaving Kit

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Shave Kit
MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Shave Kit is a complete shaving experience for sensitive skin. The secret is all-natural ingredients, all of which are designed to ease irritated skin and prevent allergic reactions. The Advanced Shave Formula cream is a foamless gel, spreading over your face as a thick, consistent lather right out of the can.
Post-shave Repair fine mist spray is a healing treatment for skin instead of the typical burning, tingling alcohol or menthol-based aftershave lotion. Finally, the entire Set packs into an included practical toiletries bag for easy transport on your next important transatlantic business trip. Plenty of room inside for your other grooming essentials, too, to fit your action-packed lifestyle.


9. The Art Of Shaving Full Size Shaving Kit

The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit combines four essential elements for creating the ultimate shaving experience. You begin your shave with a pretreatment of sandalwood oil. This essence is drawn from the sandalwood trees of India and is used to craft an oil prized since ancient times.
After the oil is applied, you switch to the invigorating shaving cream. Using a pure 100% badger shaving brush, the cream is applied effortlessly over your face. Finally after the shave, this Kit includes an aftershave balm to wake your face up with a bracing tingle you’ll feel through every meeting during your busy work day.

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