Torch Tattoos For Men

60 Torch Tattoos For Men – Illuminated Body Art Ideas

A lit torch can show a person many things depending on where you direct its light. The same can be said of the torch tattoo. It all depends on the story you wish to shed light upon.

Amazingly, the torch tattoo has a warm welcoming appeal for many scenarios of life.

The meaning behind this tattoo varies among enlightenment, liberty, truth, time spent in some type of confinement, life and even death. With such an immense amount of relatable meanings, the popularity of the torch tattoo is definitely sure-fire! No doubt this tattoo can spark up interesting conversation as many inquiring minds ask about your personal motif.

A huge plus with this particular design is that the variations are infinite. It can be done with or without a hand or a banner. Some designs have an eye or a skull. The darkness of death is illustrated by an upside down torch. If the torch spotlights confinement, the years will be revealed by the nodes on a wire. Represent the passion of your story by the aura of the flame. Is your fire wild and intense or steady and calm? The overall look depends on how you chose to illuminate your story. As a result, this tattoo becomes your own personal emblem.

This tattoo is ideal for the man that has a story to tell. Regardless if his story relates to his passion, belief, or life experience, the torch tattoo is sure to guide an audience and reveal the real reason behind to tattoo.


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