Traditional Candle Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Traditional Candle Tattoo Designs For Men – Illuminated Ink Ideas

The world was not always the neon orb it is today, illuminated around the clock by electricity; similarly, our paths are not always clear or well-lit.

Just as candles once guided the soldier, scholar and elderly beggar alike through the night, they have now come represent the sacred and fragile light we each carry within us.

The question is, do you wish to seek the light or be the source of it?

Whether inked in Dickensian black-and-white or accompanied by colorful flourishes ranging from skulls to flower garlands, a candle tattoo is poignantly unique to the wearer. Does your light come from the love of your children, your soul mate, or the spirit of a departed friend? Or does the candle represent your own unwavering flame in the dark, a light you seek not only in times of uncertainly but provide to those who need a guide?

Many choose to incorporate religious symbolism into their traditional candle tattoo design: the burning heart, thorns, or image of a beloved saint in the flame itself. Others may opt for a stylishly gothic nod to all things Edgar Allan Poe inspired–a candlestick balanced precariously on a pile of old books or skull, while a raven stands watch. And sometimes the most powerful rendering is the simplest one, a single, unadorned candle flickering on your forearm or over your beating heart.

1. Forearm Traditional Candle Tattoos

Black And Grey Traditional Candle Forearm Tattoo Designs For Guys

Glowing Candle Flame Traditional Male Tattoos On Inner Forearms

Inner Forearm Skull Candle Traditional Tattoo Ideas For Men

Male With Colorful Candle Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo

Mens Flaming Candle Stick Traditional Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Red Candle Wax On Skull Forearm Sleeve Traditional Tattoos

Mens Small Traditional Lightbulb With Glowing Candle Forearm Tattoo

Old School Simple Guys Traditional Candle With Eye Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Outer Forearm Burning Candle Snake Traditional Guys Tattoos

Rose Flower With Glowing Candle Flame Traditional Forearm Tattoos For Men

Shaded Male Old School Traditional Forearm Tattoo With Candle Design


2. Bicep Traditional Candle Tattoos

Retro Lantern With Flaming Candle Mens Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo


3. Arm Traditional Candle Tattoos

Black Ink Double End Candle Mens Small Traditional Arm Tattoo

Creative Skull Candle With Rose Flower Guys Traditional Arm Tattoo

Guys Small Candle Burning On Books Traditional Arm Tattoo

Hand Holding Candle Retro Guys Arm Traditional Tattoos

Hourglass With Candle Guys Traditional Arm Tattoo

Melting Wax Candle Guys Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Old School Traditional Eye With Candle Male Arm Tattoos

Shaded Skull With Wax Candle Male Forearm Traditional Tattoos

Small Rope Moon Candle Traditional Guys Arm Tattoos

Small Simple Skull Candle Traditional Mens Arm Tattoo

Traditional Arm Skull Candle Guys Tattoo Inspiration

Mens Half Sleeve Shoulder Candle Traditional Tattoo Designs


4. Chest Traditional Candle Tattoos

Glowing Lantern With Candle Mens Traditional Chest Tattoo

Hands With Chains Holding Candle Guys Traditional Chest Tattoo

Mens Coffin With Candle And Spider Webs Traditional Guys Chest Tattoo

Shaded Black And Grey Heart With Candle Traditional Chest Tattoo


5. Side Traditional Candle Tattoos

Grim Reaper With Upside Down Candle Guys Rib Cage Side Traditional Tattoos

Grim Repear With Candle Lantern Traditional Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Old School Black Ink Traditional Candle Guys Lower Chest Tattoo


6. Rib Traditional Candle Tattoos

Green Monster Hand Holding Candle Guys Traditional Rib Tattoo


7. Leg Traditional Candle Tattoos

Candle With Chains Traditional Old School Mens Leg Tattoos

Mens Side Of Leg Candle Flame Eye Traditional Tattoo Designs

Retro Candle Traditional Guys Back Of Leg Tattoo

Lower Leg Traditional Flaming Candle Old School Tattoo Ideas For Men

Small Simple Candle In A Bottle Guys Traditional Leg Tattoo

Shine Bright Banner Guys Traditional Double Ended Candle Tattoo On Leg


8. Shin Traditional Candle Tattoos

Guys Shine Traditional Candle With Snake Tattoo


9. Stomach Traditional Candle Tattoos

Stomach Mens Traditional Hourglass With Candles Tattoo


10. Hand Traditional Candle Tattoos

Traditional Candle With Rose Flower Hand Tattoos For Men


11. Traditional Traditional Candle Tattoos

Awesome Traditional Candle Tattoo Design Ideas For Guys

Guy With Traditional Candle Shaded Black And Grey Tattoo On Arm

Snail With Candle Guys Traditional Arm Tattoo


12. More Traditional Candle Tattoo Ideas

Blue Candle Dripping Wax On Skull Traditional Male Tattoo On Arm

Light Switch Candle Stick Guys Traditional Tattoo Designs


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