Traditional Mom Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Traditional Mom Tattoo Designs For Men – Memorial Ideas

Classic designs are classic for a reason: they are well-established and can exude the definition of manhood. Among the most classic designs for a well-loved masculine tattoo is infamous, traditional Mom tattoo.

Legend has it that the first Mom tattoo was on chest of an Irish sailor, who had been inspired by an old sailor’s song that spoke of the excitement of leaving Ireland for the open sea.

In the song, the sailor says that he “kissed me darling mother” before taking the treacherous voyage on the sea. It was, as the legend says, meant to honor his mother, who had constantly supported him in his life, surely commenting on how much the sailor was going to miss having his mom’s cooking while on a boat for several months.

The loving sentiment of honoring such an important woman is what emboldens men to also tattoo this simple message on their arms or chests. While Mom tattoos are most common among bikers and servicemen, a Mom tattoo is an appropriate for any man to honor his mother. As a bonus, wearing such a sentimental message on your body is sexy, showing that while you have a gruff exterior, your heart is in the right place.

The Mom tattoo has come to be something so traditional and eternal because of its sweet message. The vintage heart is surely to be stick around as a staple, if for no other reason than the fact that honoring Mom is always in style.


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