Triangle Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 87 Triangle Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Equilateral, isosceles, and scalene… Remember those words from math class trickling back into your memory? If you don’t, their the types based on length. How about right, obtuse, acute and oblique? The angles, of course.

When it comes to triangle tattoos, there’s more to them than just the initial thought of mathematics.

In reality, these three sided shapes store a considerable amount of meaning inside.

For instance, if you’re a Christian man, you might view the triangle as a symbol of the holy trinity: Father, son and holy ghost.

Religion aside, some simply interrupt them directly to the number three. There are three sides after all. Other men view them with a more deeper train of thought with ideas like the past, present and future. They can also symbolize the mind, body and spirit too. Some claim the pointed top is merely a symbol of the ascension towards a spiritual world.

Yet, one of the most popular beliefs revolves around the direction of the triangle; in other words, is it pointed up or down? Pointed up represents male energy, air and fire; all masculine elements. While female water, energy and earth tie into triangles facing downwards.

Regardless, you’re sure to enjoy these top 90 best triangle tattoo designs for men. From full sleeves to small ideas inked on the chest, there’s plenty of inspiration to discover.


Amazing Dotted 3D Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

An excellent 3D triangle tattoo. The artist has created a nicely balanced triangle by stacking cubes, with the shading an appealing hybrid of slash and dot work. The tiny star in the middle of the artwork is a nice negative space tattoo.

Amazing Galay Art Triangle Tattoo On Biceps For Guys

This new wave solar system tattoo is a well deployed abstract work. The triangle in this image acts as a unique style of border, allowing the world within to condense. The technical aspects of this work – the dot work stars and white ink inner triangle -mesh well with the lovely swirling black, green and maroon color scheme.

Antler Horns With Triangle Eye Tattoo On Arms For Men

The eye in this tattoo represents the Eye of Providence. It’s symbolized by an eye inside a triangle, with rays of light branching outward from it. The eye is the eye of God watching over humanity. 

Artistic Triangle Eye Tattoo With Leaves On Chest For Men

This is a more complex Eye of Providence chest tattoo. This one is etched with an amazing level of detail, matching beautiful internal dotwork inside the triangle image, with other well crafted dots on the end of each ray of light. The laurel wreath of black line work bordering the image creates a nice contrast for the other distinct shapes to fit within. 

Awesome Dotted Triangular Design With Eye On Arms For Men

Another Eye of Providence, another different depiction of the idea. This inner forearm tattoo goes full abstract, incorporating many different pieces of line work and shading. Again, the dotwork is a prominent technical feature.

Beautiful Lady With Triangular Patterns Tattoo On Arms For Men

Wow. This upper bicep tattoo is fantastic. The use of a variety of different triangle shapes and shades create the impression of glass shards. They create a great counterpoint to the pin up style portrait of the woman, whose hair is etched in windswept, flowing strands.

Bicep Blazing Red Triangle Eye Tattoo For Men

Not sure what this Eye of Providence is trying to say, however it can’t be good. It’s a visually confronting tattoo with the scarlet central triangle and eye making it seem like a cross between something from 1984 and A Clockwork Orange.

Black And White Triangle Wth Arrow Tattoo On Chest For Guys

This is a funky group of triangles. The artist has used an effectively wide array of different concepts to bounce off each other and make a bad ass chest tattoo. Having a single black and gray shaded triangle with intertwined endless rope amongst a lot of more minimal versions is an excellent technique. 

Black Inl Geometric Triangle Pattern On Arms For Men

Wow. This is a mesmerizing amount of triangles. It’s a minimalist tattoo in spirit that radiates outward with each different addition to make an abstract masterpiece. It took quite a while to find the cube within the triangles as well!

Black Knotted Swirls In Triangle Tattoo On Back For Men

This work is interesting. A tee-pee shaped triangle with beautifully worked black lines within make this an arresting tattoo. It kind of looks like a single earring from a set you buy from a craft market etched into the skin.

Black Pointed Triangular Design Tattooo On Back Arm For Men

This combination of minimal and abstract ideas work together to form an impressive, unique piece of body art. The juxtaposition of the single, thickly black lined ‘original’ triangle with the thinner, stretched out secondary triangle make for a beautiful tattoo.

Black Turbulent Sea In Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

A miniature Hokusai inside a triangle. Sweet! This is a nice tattoo, with the dotwork technique employed in slightly different shapes and directions to make the wave, whitecaps, and background sky. 

Blue Shaded Triangle With Geometric Circles Tattoo On Arms

An interesting mix of geometric tattoo and the abstract, however the execution needed a little work. the triangles – particularly the internal ones – are fine but the circles look pushed together through the middle.

Bluish Pointed Traingular Design Tattoo On Calves

White ink highlights added to the internal image enliven the two tone gray triangle tattoo. It’s a well executed artwork – the different shards making the final, full equilateral triangle is exceptional.

Bright Triangle With

The triangle part of this full sleeve is nicely drawn. The negative space element is a bright and simple counterpoint to the busy, black and gray shading and iconography making up the rest of the tattoo. The triangle traditionally represents the holy trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Chest Blue Black Triangular Pyramid Tattoo For Men

This ink is a cool 3D tattoo. The pale blue overlapping pyramids inside the well realized hexagon make the whole piece pop. A wider image would better show how the ink splashes interact with the rest of the subject’s body art.

Colorful Galaxy Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Males

Colorful Mens Triangle Eye Tattoo With Lettering

Viver translated from the Portuguese means ‘to live.’ By complementing the soft triangle stylized Eye of Providence this tattoo symbolizes to live under God’s eye. It’s a funky religious themed tattoo.

Colorful Patterned Triangle Tattoo On Calves For Guys

Okay, now this is an unbelievably cool piece of body art. I know this leg tattoo represents the Turkish city of Cappadocia only because I’ve been there, however the recollection was instantaneous when looking at this artwork. The hot air balloons, cave buildings carved from rock, and the beautiful colored skyline are all realized with clarity and elegance by an amazing assembly of color separated within a series of triangles. This is top drawer tattooing.

Cool Interlocked Guys Triangle Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Another 3D style triangle tattoo, again realized with skilful attention to detail. Minute dotwork technique applied with grayscale shading is a difficult transition to make, however the result for the small tattoo is well worth it. The artist has contrasted the triangle’s detail with alternating lines of thickness and length, all cleverly and crisply inked in.

Dark Bold Triangle Tattoo Over Feathers On Arms For Guys

What a bad ass tattoo. This inner wrist piece is cool to take in as thick, sharpie style black lines of triangle and crossing line oppose the small wing of heavily detailed, soft seeming feathers running through it. Using such polar opposite ideas makes this small tattoo standout.

Dark Forest In Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Look, all this image needs is an alien in a bike basket and we’re all set! ET jokes aside, this is a well realized triangle tattoo built with an alternative commitment to negative space. Here the negative space (non tattooed area) forms the focal point of the tattoo, and the black ink is support. Love the slightly gray shading within the moon section to give it detail.

Dark Triangle Eye Tattoo On Arms For Men

Dark Triangle Eye With Blazing Sun Tattoo On Arms For Men

Dark Triangle On Spooky Tree Tattoo On Arms For Men

Funky inner forearm tattoo alert! What intrigues with this piece is whether or not the downward facing triangle – symbolizing earth from an alchemy perspective – will be filled, or whether it will remain negative space framed by the epic tree. Hopefully, it remains as is because the stark space left unblemished work brilliant in the context of the surrounding branches.

Deathly Snakes With Skulls On Triangle Tattoo On Torso

This is not an Eye of Providence tattoo, just in case you weren’t sure. Its a bad ass scene of mayhem capped by wicked looking Gothic style triangle framing. Love the simple crosses, and the irony of the shining sun behind the death dealing skelly headed conqueror.

Detailed Dark Triangle Tattoo On Lower Back For Gentlemen

You don’t see these types of white ink tattoos very often. This triangle is worked fully opposite to convention, demonstrating a boss level artistic skill and painstaking technical application. Here, the artist has taken a flat black triangle, then applied tiny pieces of dotwork technique to form an engrossing patterned image using white ink. The degree of difficulty for this kind of body art is off the scale.

Dotted Penrose Triangle Tattoo On Hands For Men

This is a tricky hand tattoo. It’s almost triangle ink with a maze aesthetic, The artist has applied a good mixture of fuzzy shading in black with sporadic dotwork to achieve interesting details in a unique triangle image. Being a hand tattoo this ink will get noticed and raw comments.

Forearm Cool Pointy Triangles Tattoo For Men

This minimalist work draws on alchemy concepts to form a nice, interesting tattoo. The upward facing triangle symbolizes elemental air, while the one facing downward is earth. It’s a nifty small tattoo.

Funky Triangular Tattoo Design On Chest For Men

Geometric Triangle Pattern Tattoo For Guys

Gorgeous Colored Penrose Tattoo On Back For Men

Green And Black Patterned Triangle Tattoo With Arrows For Men

Green Tinted Triangle Eye Tattoo On Hands For Men

Grey Ink Skull And Penrose Triangle Tattoo On Thighs

Guys 3D Goat Face With Triangle Tattoo

Guys Dotted Tripel Traingle Tattoo On Wrists

Heart With Red Ink Triangle Tattoo On Arms

Huge Dark Bold Eagle With Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Illumnati Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Impossible Geometric Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Impossible Staircase Triangle Tattoo On Legs For Guys

Landscape Inside Triangle Tattoo On Calves For Men

Male 3D Monumental Triangle Tattoo On Arms

Mandala Designed Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Manly Mens 3D Penrose Triangle Tattoo On Arms

Man With Dotted Grey Traingle Eye Tattoo On Arms

Mens 3D Geometrical Dotted Traingle On Arms

Mens Dotted Wild Animal In Triangle Tattoo On Arms

Mens Funky Pink And Black Traingle Eye Tattoo On Bicep

Mens Tinted Rocky Mountain Triangle Tattoo On Back Of Leg Back

Mens Trees Waterfall Triangle Tattoo On Back

Mens Triangle Eye Tattoo With Red Crosses On Wrist

Mens Tricolored Triangle Tattoo On Ankles

Mettalic Tool Triangle Tattoo For Men

Mirror Image Of Owl In Triangle Tattoo On Ribs For Men

Monochrome Arrow Triangles Tattoo On Arms For Men

Monochrome Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Multiple Triangle Tattoo On Back For Men

Mystical Owl Goblet Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Nature Based Three Triangles Tattoo On Arms

Nice Triangle Eye Pattern On Biceps For Men

Primitive Traingular Design Tattoo On Arms For Men

Raging Blue Water In Triangle On Arms

Red Bordered Triangle Eye Tattoo On Arms For Guys

Riding On A Bridge Triangle Tattoo On Chest For Men

Roaring Lion Triangle Tattoo On Hands For Men

Shaded And Dotted Triangle Eye Tattoo On Arms

Shaded Camping Design In Triangle Tattoo On Arms

Shaded Penrose Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Shaded Spiral Staircase In Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Shaded Triangle Eye Tattoo On Arms For Men

Shaded Triangle Eye Tattoo On Wrist For Men

Simple Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Sleeved Penrose Triangle Tattoo With Geometric Patterns On Arms For Men

Small Black Ink Triangles With Trees Tattoo On Arms For Men

Small Dark Triangle With Hand Symbol Tattoo On Thighs For Guys

Small Triple Triangle Tattoo On Hands For Men

Sparkling Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Guys

Spectacular Triangle Eye Tattoo For Men

Splashy Triangle Tattoo With Rainbow On Arms For Guys

Starry Night Lone Tree In Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Stormy Blue Triangle Tattoo On Arms For Men

Sunny Lion In Tirangle Tattoo On Arms For Guys

Swirls And Stars In Triangle Tattoo For Men On Arms

Thigh Deadly Mens Waves In Triangle Tattoo

What does the triangle represent? 

Traditionally, triangle tattoos are closely linked with Christianity.  

As triangles have three points and three straight sides they’re most often used to represent the holy trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

The triangle can also symbolize the number 3 in numerology, while for the non-religious the triangle has a broad association with the moon. 

What is the meaning of a two-triangle tattoo? 

Twin superimposed triangles of the same size are alchemy symbols that have been commandeered into the realm of body art. 

If the two triangles point skyward they represent the element of air, while a downward pointing pair of triangles symbolize the element of earth. 

Another popular representation of twin triangles occurs with an upside-down triangle where the tip points downward to symbolize the female/feminine. The triangle with the point facing upward is a man/masculine symbol. 

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