Tribal Neck Tattoos For Men

40 Tribal Neck Tattoos For Men – Manly Ink Ideas

Tribal tattoos, fad as they once were, have become melded into the inking culture. Long gone are the days of the “basic dude” with tribal armbands.

Men’s necks have increased in popularity as tattoo canvases.

While the bicep is a highly typical spot, the neck offers more challenging surfaces and more bold design choices.

Traditionally done in black ink only, tribal artwork requires careful mindfulness. As meanings can change on a dime, each line, curve, and point carries the weight of your personal expression. Some use the style to highlight or accent various parts of the body, whereas others consider how the piece will mesh with preexisting images. On the neck, this translates to hairline vs. background, or collarbone vs. connectivity.

Tribal stylings can also be used to offset a specific emblem, such as a rose, religious symbol, flag, or animal. In some cases, men want to channel parts of their ancestral history, like Indigenous peoples or Vikings. Fortunately, getting a tribal piece on the neck offers you leeway in terms of how discreet or “loud” you’d like it to be. Shall it wrap entirely around, or fit nicely behind the ear?

The options for tribal ink are utterly limitless. Finding the right artist for you is key, as well as thoughtful consideration of your personal style and sense of self you wish to convey.


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